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How to Replace RV Window Glass?

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

How to Remove an RV Window

Time will come that you may need to replace your RV window glass. Probably because it is broken, or simply, you just wanted to do an upgrade. Whatever the case may be, a durable and properly placed window glass protects you from pest coming to your RV, cold temperature, or your overall security.

Same with other repairs you may need to do with your RV, DIY-ing is a lot better than hiring someone to do it for you. It is costly and convenient since you travel a lot with your RV. For this reason, learning to replace RV window glass on your own is the best option. Read more to know how you can do this.

Table of Contents

Things You Need


Since you are DIY-ing, of course, the material you will use must come from you. Don’t fret though, as everything may be available from your motor house. They are the following:

  • Pair of gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Windowpane for replacement
  • Assistant/helper

Steps on How to Replace RV Window Glass


Once you are already equipped with the materials, you are now ready with the DIY thing. If you just recently purchased your RV, know that it sometimes comes with windowpane for replacing. Thus, the task would be easier for you. However, if what you have is an old RV, the replacement process could be a bit trickier.

No matter how hard, though, we got your back in this process. Let’s now begin.

Take out the glass window

Removing the old window is the first thing you should do. If there are some cracks or if the glass is completely shattered, get a trash bag to catch the cracked pieces. Make sure you and your assistant are wearing some gloves in this process.

Now is the time you will utilize the screwdriver to remove the rubber gasket and screws that hold the window. Remove the plastic frame used for mounting the glass, take out the window, and settle it into the ground. Hold the windowpane tightly to prevent from falling.

Take measurements of the window opening before starting the replacement

This is the downside of the old RV. You need to take measurements before replacement unlike in new RVs. It is important that your measurements are accurate; thus, you may consider measuring the window opening twice.

Your measurement depends on the shape of the window you have. If it is in parallelogram shape, measure each side; you have to take 6 measurements in total. For rectangular ones, measure each height and width.

Measure the sidewall and the corner radius


You need to measure the thickness of the sidewall to assure you that the window will fit. Get your tape measure and start measuring the inside and outside of your RV. In most times, sidewall measures from 1 to 3 inches thick.

If your RV window does not have a circular corner, you won’t need this guide. However, if yours does, take the measurement of your corner radius. Other models have 2 to 3 inches measurement, but you still need to measure on your own for accuracy.

Get the replacement window

Now that you know all the measurements, you now know the exact sizes of the windows you may get. Some RV shops may sell you new windows, while others may customize for you. The latter is way cheaper, but it is up to you which one you prefer or is more convenient for you.

If you are in a tight budget, we suggest you go have your window customized. If not, you buy new ones in your RV shops for a quick fix. To help you choose, it is best to consider that most times RV insurance will not cover replacement windows.

Put the new window in place

Once you know all the measurements, you can now put back your replacement window in place. Make your helper hold the replacement window in its place as you are putting the plastic frame and screwing the mounting screws.


It is indeed challenging to fix a thing on your own, whether you have experienced it or nothing at all. But, nothing compares the feeling when you have done everything right and successfully.

Once you did everything in this guide, congratulations, as you have properly replaced your window glass on your RV. You can now again start your safe and fun road trip.

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