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How to Make RV Dinette Bed More Comfortable in 10 Steps

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

how to make rv dinette bed more comfortable

As an RVer, it is quite normal to learn how to make RV dinette bed more comfortable. Your trailer is a second home where you sleep while you travel with your family. And to make your sleep more cozy, you simply need to add essential products on your dinette bed.

With a touch of an anti-fatigue mat, air mattress, mattress topper, and other bed essentials, sleeping in your RV feels like home.

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Materials Required To Make Your RV Dinette Bed More Comfortable

To make your dinette bed more cozy while sleeping in your recreational vehicle, you need a couple of products. You can usually make do without the mattress topper, or the air mattress, but they are essential to your added comfort.

  • Tape measurement tool: Any measuring tool for the purpose of getting the correct dimension of your dinette bed space.
  • RV dinette mattress topper: It needs to have the same dimensions as the dinette bed. Memory foam is the best type for a mattress topper.
  • Air mattress: Make sure this has the same size as the whole dinette space. Purchase one with the highest quality and exceptional durability.
  • Dinette fitted bed sheets and pillows: For the sheets, opt for the same size as the mattress topper. Get as many soft yet firm pillows as you like for the bed.
  • Soft blankets: Acquire as many blankets as the number of people sleeping on the dinette bed, or you can have a large one and share.
  • Anti-fatigue mat: Buy one from a trusted brand. It may cost more, but the quality is better.

Step by Step Instructions on Making the RV Dinette Bed More Cozy


While using an RV dinette bed extension, you can successfully turn your dinette set into a snug bed. Simply follow the step by step guide to make RV dinette bed more comfortable.

The good news is, there is no need to use hand tools or carpentry skills to convert your dinette set into a pleasant bed. Let’s explore the easy steps below to get yourself a dinette bed in your RV.

Step 1: Measure the exact dimension of the dinette bed space

With the use of your tape measure, get the exact dimension of the dinette space. You don’t need to make up the bed to do this process. Simply measure the width of all four sides of the dinette space accurately. Write down the measurement and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Purchase the necessary products

Now that you have the RV dinette bed size, visit your preferred store and buy the needed products.

Purchase a high quality anti-fatigue mat for extra comfort in using your mattresses. Then, buy an air mattress with the same size as the dinette bed. You also need to get a memory foam mattress topper for superior sleeping comfort.

Additionally, buy a fitted bed sheet with the same size as the mattress topper. Add some pillows to your cart, as well as blankets. Just remember to opt for high quality products, since they are more durable and comfortable.

Step 3: Transition the dinette into a comfortable sleeping area

Once you’re back at your camper vehicle, take out the back seat cushions of the dinette chair. Place them on the floor or somewhere away from the dinette space.

Then, drop down the table top to the rails of the dinette seats. Be extra careful in transitioning the table into a cozy bed, since the table could be heavy.

Keep in mind that every dinette table is different. Make sure to check with the manufacturer or simply look at the manual on how to collapse the table to make a dinette bed. Follow the instructions properly to avoid any accident.

Step 4: Place the anti-fatigue mat above the dinette bed

When the dinette bed is already assembled, get the anti-fatigue mat and place it on the surface. Make sure that the mat is flat above the dinette bed, and there are no bulging spots.

You can check by patting down every inch of the mat with your hands. The anti-fatigue mat can also help keep the cushions in place, so it is certainly beneficial to use one.

Step 5: Lay down the dinette cushions on the dinette bed

The next step is to arrange the dinette cushions atop the anti-fatigue mat. It’s up to you how you want to position the back cushions or the seat cushions, as long as they fit the entire width of the dinette bed.

The good news is that the dinette cushions are designed to fit a dinette bed, so you will not have a problem with the fitting. Just remember that the cushion goes on before the RV dinette mattress.

Step 6: Position the air mattress above the dinette cushions

Now it’s time to place the air mattress for RV dinette bed over the cushions. Simply slide the air mattress into the dinette space, and make sure that it fits right in.

The extra mattress adds height to your dinette bed, but it is absolutely more comfortable to sleep with the added air mattress. However, you need extra space in your RV to store the air mattress after use.

Step 7: Install the mattress topper

The RV dinette mattress topper goes over the air mattress. Yes, it makes the dinette bed taller, but the extra coziness of the bed makes it worthwhile.

Plus, the combination of an air mattress and a memory foam topper is exceptionally heavenly. You will never sleep the same way again once you try this perfect setup.

Step 8: Set the fitted bed sheet over the mattress topper


Use the fitted bed sheets for RV dinette bed to prevent any dirt from coming in contact with the topper. Choose a bed sheet that allows you to hook the ends to hug the mattress below to prevent it from slipping while you rest and sleep.

Step 9: Place some pillows and blankets on the dinette bed

To make RV dinette more comfortable, throw some high-quality pillows into the bed. If you sleep alone, you can have as many pillows as you like surrounding you.

Put a blanket or two on your bed as well, depending on how many people will sleep there, or you can just have one large soft blanket and share with your bed partner.

Step 10: Have a good night’s sleep

Now that your dinette bed is ready, you can go ahead and travel to dreamland. The superior comfort you feel allows you to dream of good things, and you will wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Once you wake up, simply reverse the process and turn your bed into a dinette set for eating meals. Then, do the same steps later on when you are ready to call it a day.


The steps on how to make RV dinette bed more comfortable are quite simple. You can easily transition your RV’s dinette set into a cozy bed on your own without the help of others. Plus, the additional products will make your sleep more comfortable.

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