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The Best RV LED Lights for Your Travel Trailer & Motorhome

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

If you own an older model RV, from the 1990s or early 2000s, the lights installed in your vehicle are likely all incandescent bulbs. If so, it is about time to switch to the best RV LED lights to enjoy updated features.

One reason why RV LED interior lights are preferable is that they have a much brighter light than incandescent lamps.

best rv LED lights

Moreover, LED lamps consume less electricity, which is just a fraction of what incandescent bulbs use to provide the same amount of illumination. You can find several other reasons why it would be in your best interest to use an efficient 12v LED RV light.

However, you need to brace yourself for the deluge of many different lighting options that you will be seeing once you start shopping for new lights. To help you make the right decision and find the best place to buy RV LED lights, continue reading this article.

Table of Contents

Best RV LED Light Reviews

1. Leisure LED RV LED Double Dome Light

The thing that I liked the most about this 12-volt LED lights for RV interior is its extremely long service lifespan. Compared to the old incandescent bulbs that only last around a thousand hours, you can expect these LED lights to last for 60,000 hours, maybe even longer.

Also, I wanted to switch over to LED lights for camping trailers since they were very energy-efficient. As expected, this product did not disappoint.

Each bulb uses around 6 watts of energy, which is much less than old bulbs used to consume.

Another unexpected benefit of these lights, for me at least, is that they help make the air conditioner work much better. Even after hours of being on, the lights do not even heat up enough to make you want to pull back your hands.

Because there are significantly fewer heat loads now, the AC system of my RV does not need to work as hard as before.

Another excellent thing about these lighting fixtures is that even though they consume just a couple of watts of electricity, each lamp can produce an impressive amount of illumination, 550 lumens worth of light to be specific. Just a couple of these lights installed on the ceiling of your RV will be enough to light up the whole interior of the vehicle.

The only things that I did not like so much about these lights are the clear plastic dome covers. The ridges carved into the plastic are supposed to be for dispersing the light, but they cast some faint shadows as well.
What We Like
  • Proven to be energy-efficient
  • Does not produce a significant amount of heat
  • The lights last for a long time.
  • Produces a lot of bright white light
  • Has a built-in switch that allows the use of either both lights or just one side
What We Don’t Like
  • The grooves in the plastic dome cover cast weird shadows.
The issue about the shadows cast by the casing will not be evident unless you look closely. However, despite that slight inconvenience, the products are still great RV LED light fixtures.

2. Kohree Upgrade LED RV Double Dome Light

I am impressed with these RV LED ceiling lights because of their brightness. They can replace the halogen lamps that originally came with the RV.

Another thing that I liked about these new LED bulbs for RV interiors is that each one has an independent power switch. With that, I can wire these bulbs up to turn them on with one master switch. Moreover, the switches will allow you to choose between lighting up one or both sides of the dome light.

Plus, you are going to love how easy it is to install the Kohree 12-volt LED RV light fixtures. It is nice that the fixture perfectly fits the hole left by the old incandescent bulb. Since the wires do not have any polarity, connecting them properly to available spots are effortless.

Also, these replacement RV interior lights do not produce a significant amount of heat. Some of the halogen and incandescent lights that I had in my RV got so hot that they melted the plastic housing of the fixtures. With these new pieces, you can touch the dome lights while still feeling a bit warm without burning your hands at all.

The only reason why this RV LED replacement bulb will not get a perfect score from me is its flimsy plastic dome covers. I was cautious when I was installing these lights, and yet I still accidentally cracked one of the lenses by accident.
What We Like
  • Produces 700 lumens of light, which is plenty for most people’s needs
  • Comes with independent light switches
  • Consumes little electricity
  • Easy to install; minimal wiring required
  • Stays cool even after being lit for hours
What We Don’t Like
  • Comes with quite fragile plastic dome covers
Despite its few minor issues, the Kohree dome light is a worthwhile purchase.

3. Facon Classic LED Bright Pancake Light

The main reason why I wanted to replace RV interior lights with led is that it can help me save money on electricity.

Each of these Facon 12v RV ceiling lights only consumes 7 watts of electricity. It is just a fraction of the amount that my old incandescent bulbs used.

The neat thing about LEDs is that they can work for hours without heating up too much. If you leave these travel trailer LED lights on for hours, you will still be able to touch the bulbs directly without any problem whatsoever.

Because the new LED lamps produced very little heat, it made the air conditioning system of the RV work easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. It means that the A/C does not need to use up as much electricity, thus adding even more energy savings.

Most users love pancake light for its beautiful style. Aesthetically speaking, these lights look great. The lights sit almost flush against the surface, and the trim almost seems to blend into the lens. You can’t also find any exposed screws, giving the illusion that the lamps are just glued onto the surface.

The only issue that I had with the Facon pancake lights is the installation. Because of its sleek design, I had to pry away several plastic parts to expose the mounting holes and the wires.
What We Like
  • Consumes little electricity
  • Does not heat up to the point that it can melt plastic
  • Does not produce any additional heat load for the A/C to cool down
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Has individual switches so you can turn any one of them off while leaving the others lit
What We Don’t Like
  • Kind of tricky to install
Although the light fixture was a bit of a pain to install, I am still extremely satisfied by how this light performs and how it looks.

4. Thalassa 12V RV Bedside Reading Lights

These 12-volt LED camper lights quite a lot provide the perfect brightness for cabin reading.

Buyers are pleased that these products are easy to install. The base is removable from the rest of the lamp, giving the entire thing a clean look after installation.

The items already come with two wires for tapping into the RV electronics, but you need to be careful not to get the cables switched or else the lamp will not work.

Best of all, you can dim these LED lights for RVs interior without any hassle. You just need to hold your finger down on the switch and take it off when the brightness is already to your liking. Here is the even better part. When you turn the light off, it will remember your dim settings. It means that you do not need to set the light all over again.

Beyond that, the product comes with a USB port when you need to recharge your gadgets. I like this feature as there are no convenience electric outlets near my RV bedside. With this light within reach, I can have my smartphone always by my side while charging it through the night.

Another neat thing about this design of RV light is that a light beam can be directed anywhere you like. Unlike dome or pancake lights where the light is dispersed over a large area, you can focus it on your side of the bed only.

The only thing that I did not like about these lights is that the LED lamps are permanently soldered into the fixture. They are not replaceable. Once these items burn out, you will need to replace with a new one.
What We Like
  • Installs cleanly without any visible screws or mounting brackets
  • Provides just the right amount of light, and can be dimmed down when necessary
  • Comes with a USB charging port for smart gadgets
  • The light can be directed towards a specific direction.
  • The lamps are rated to last up to 30,000 hours of use.
What We Don’t Like
  • The lamp is not replaceable.
Overall, these lights could last up to 30,000 hours so that you can enjoy them for prolonged periods.

5. MICTUNING 12V LED RV Double Dome Light

I did not regret even a bit my decision to replace the old lamps of my RV with these brand new MICTUNING 12-volt LED light bulbs for RV. Purchasing this item save my money on electricity at a much larger scale than I expected.

Notably, these lights helped reduce the amount of electricity my RV consumes since they minimize the amount of heat the air conditioner has to deal with. The old lights that came with my RV got so hot that some of them had melted dome light covers. These newer LED dome lights only feel warm even after a few hours of use.

Another thing that I liked about these new lights is that each dome light has its switches. It means that you can turn off each light if needed, thus saving you even more electricity.

I also appreciate the fact that these lights are so easy to install. They are the same size as the old lights in my RV, so I did not need to do anything to the existing holes. Also, the lights already come with wires that I can splice onto the RV’s electric circuit.

It would have been a perfect replacement light for my RV, but it does have a couple of issues, the biggest of which is that the light diffuser casts shadows on flat surfaces. It would have been much better if the cover was just smoked so that there will not be any shadows.
What We Like
  • Uses up little electricity
  • Does not add additional heat loads for the A/C to deal with
  • Not a fire hazard, making it different from halogens
  • Comes with individual switches
  • Produces much more light compared to old incandescent bulbs
What We Don’t Like
  • The plastic diffuser casts weird shadows.
Despite the minor inconveniences, this LED dome light is exponentially a better choice compared to the older incandescent bulbs. It saves a lot of money and produces more light.

6. Facon 4.5-inch LED RV Puck Light

The thing that I liked the most about this Facon LED puck light is the unique installation style.

First of all, this light is recessed into the ceiling, giving it a clean, flush profile. Moreover, you can choose between screwing the base onto the roof, or using the spring clips to hold the light in place securely.

The majority of customers are amazed by the long-lastingness of this product. It is better than the incandescent ones that need replacement every year or so. In detail, the lights are rated for 50,000+ hours of continuous use – that is more than five years.

Moreover, I also like how energy-efficient these lamps are. Compared to the old incandescent bulbs that used to consume around 60 watts of power, these new lights only need 4 watts to operate. They not only use less electricity but also produce more light, making them more cost-effective.

The smoked dome covers of these lights also disperse light softly and evenly. Unlike other dome lights, these items do not cast any shadows, thus providing excellent mood lighting wherever you need it.

Because these lights are not quite as bright as others, they work perfectly for the corners and sides of the RV interior to provide a warm, welcoming glow.

The only problem that I had with these devices is their plastic dome covers, which are very tightly wedged into the base. Getting them off to gain access to the bulbs was a real struggle.
What We Like
  • Easy to install and does not require screws, but you can use them if preferred
  • Mounts flush into the wall
  • Consumes just 4 watts of electricity
  • The plastic dome disperses light evenly.
  • Produces more light compared to incandescent
What We Don’t Like
  • The plastic domes are kind of hard to take off.
Although these lights are not perfect, they do come close. If you are looking to retrofit your RV with LED lights, add this one to your list.

7. Lumitronics RV LED Mount Scare Light

I wanted to change the scare lights of my RV because they have been consuming quite a lot of electricity. And I am happy that I chose the Lumitronics LED scare light as the replacement. It uses less energy than the old light while being significantly brighter.

Regarding the brightness, this scare light is twice as bright as the old one installed on my RV. It is beneficial whenever I have camped at a secluded place away from the noisy trailer parks.

This light provides sufficient illumination when I want to sit back and relax outside the RV in the evenings. Because the product can be mounted outside the RV, it is incredible that the bulb can withstand changing weather conditions. Also, its base is made of thick sheet metal that is powder-coated white.

This item does not only match the exterior of the RV but also makes it highly resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion. It also comes with a thick mounting gasket to make sure that rainwater will not seep into the mounting holes.

When utilizing this model, you do not have to climb up to it every couple of months to replace the burnt-out incandescent bulbs. The LED used to power this light is rated for more than 50,000 hours of continuous use.

I do not have much to complain about, but the gasket that comes with the light is a bit too soft. When I was mounting the light, the screws tore the gasket a bit.
What We Like
  • Easy to install as it comes with everything that you will need for the installation
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Consumes just a fraction of the electricity that the old bulbs used to use
  • Produces significantly more light compared to incandescent scare lights
  • Lights last for many years
What We Don’t Like
  • The gaskets were a bit too soft for my liking.
This scare light is one of the best investments that you will make if you are thinking of retrofitting the old lights of your RV.

8. Kohree 12V LED RV Dome Light

One impressive fact about the Kohree LED light bulbs for RV interior is that they have an incredibly long service lifespan. Its durability easily surpasses numerous users’ expectations.

Apart from its long service lifespan, these LED camper lights are also very energy-efficient. If you compare these dome lights to similar ones that use incandescent bulbs, the ones from Kohree only use a fraction of the electricity at just 3.6 watts. On such a little amount of power, they can generate 320 lumens of light.

Another reason why I genuinely liked the Kohree RV interior lighting is that it did not add to the overall heat load inside the RV. So the air conditioner of the RV does not need to compensate for cooling down the interior. It results in more savings in electricity.

I have one of each installed in the bunk beds of the sleeping quarters. I wanted to give the same feel as those capsule hotel rooms in Japan where everyone will have their miniature room in the RV. And these lights worked great for that purpose.

The only gripe about this product is that some of the bulbs produce an inconsistent amount of light.
What We Like
  • Easy to install and wire
  • Boasts of an incredibly long service lifespan
  • Does not add to the overall heat load of the RV
  • Comes with individual switches
  • Produces a lot more bright light compared to similar-sized incandescent bulbs
What We Don’t Like
  • Some dome lights produce inconsistent light.
Such a dome light indeed met my expectations, and it also saved a lot of money on electricity.

9. GRB Super Bright T10 921 922 912 LED Bulbs

You might want a pack of these 921 LED bulbs for RV for better lighting inside the RV. These new GRB LED bulbs are a lot brighter than the old bulbs, making the interior of my RV a bit more cheerful and lively.

Aside from the excellent brightness, its colour temperature of this item is also cooler than the old bulbs. I was not too fond of the yellowish light that the incandescent light bulbs produced. Luckily, these LED bulbs deliver a light that is easier on the eyes.

I am happy that the base of these light bulbs is the same size as the old bulbs that came with the RV. You should not worry about the installation process of this piece since it can be an effortless DIY task.

The main reason why I wanted to switch over to LED light bulbs is that I wanted to save money on electricity, and this product did not disappoint. For the amount of light that this bulb produces, it consumes very little power, therefore saving me the huge expenditure spent on electricity.

I do have a bit of a problem with this light bulb, though, and that is it has a bit of a bluish hue. It is not that noticeable unless you are sensitive to blue light.
What We Like
  • Produces a lot more light compared to the old incandescent bulbs
  • Has a brighter and cooler colour temperature
  • Fits perfectly into the old lighting fixtures
  • Consumes significantly less electricity
  • Does not produce a noticeable amount of heat
What We Don’t Like
  • The light has a slightly bluish tinge.
If you want to make your RV interior a bit brighter, these specific light bulbs are the perfect fit for you.

10. Lumitronics RV LED Lights Interior

When I was looking for replacement LED lights for my RV, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this product made by Lumitronics.

For first-time users, attaching these lights to the RV roof will give them no trouble whatsoever.

I am delighted to say that this dome light can provide extra bright light for your space. In detail, the dome light can produce a whopping 455 lumens of light. Sometimes, I find myself turning off a couple of them because they are just too bright.

Speaking of turning off the lights, I am also happy that each dome light has its independent power switch. The great thing about this switch is that you can choose to turn on both bulbs of the dome light, just one side, or turn both off. You can, therefore, customize how much light is in the RV at any given time.

Apart from all the good things about the Lumitronics dome light, another reason why I chose it is that it has a very impressive service life span. It is not a problem with this dome light because the bulbs are rated for 70,000+ hours.

On the other hand, you cannot replace the individual bulbs when they burn out. If the bulbs are no longer working, you have to replace the entire fixture rather than just getting new bulbs.

What We Like
  • Very easy to install – Even someone with limited electronics skills can do it.
  • Produces much more light than expected
  • Bright light for your space
  • Comes with separate switches
  • Can last up to 70,000+ hours of continuous operation
What We Don’t Like
  • Replace the entire fixture when broken
Overall, I am still happy with the overall durability and long lifespan of this product. You might not even need to replace the lights after eight years or so.

11. InLED 12V Recessed Light

One impressive thing that is worthy of highlighting about the InLED recessed decorative RV interior lights is the way that they look. If you want the interior of your RV looking sleek and polished, look no further than these lights.

With these lights, your RV interior will receive a more relaxed mood lighting. It is the reason why the products provide just 270 lumens of light. Here is the kicker. Because these products only produce not that much light, they also consume very little electricity.

I notice that even when all six of these lights are turned on, the fan of my 12V inverter would still not turn on because it is just a small load.

Plus, people also love these LED lights for the ease of their installation. The product comes with a long extension wire, which you will then connect to a central cable hub (included in the package). After connecting all the lights to the hub, you can joint it to the 12v system of the RV.

Moreover, you do not have to use screws to mount these lights into your ceiling or walls. The items are spring-loaded. You only need to push the lights into the recess hole, and the spring-loaded latch will hold the light in place. Furthermore, the piece locks automatically and keeps the fixture completely secure.

Beyond that, some customers are bothered with how poorly soldered the wires connected to the lights. We might have to take them apart and re-solder for better security.
What We Like
  • Very easy to wire and comes with a wiring hub
  • Produces just enough warm light
  • Small and low profile
  • Consumes little electricity
  • Snaps into place, no need for screws
What We Don’t Like
  • The wires jutting out of the lights are not soldered well enough.
Although it was a bit of a hassle to re-solder the lights, they were very well worth it in the end.

12. Camco 54788 Backup Light Bulb

These Camco products are replacement light bulbs for the backup light of your car – lighting up whenever you place your vehicle into reverse. It is essential to tell the car behind that you will be reversing the RV.

This replacement light is the perfect choice for burned-out tail light bulbs. You do not need to worry about how it will fit. It is because the bulbs are all identical to the ones that have been used in other cars and vehicles.

These are not just used for tail lights. The bulbs are also the perfect fit for cabin lights, trunk lights, and license plate lights. You can use this light anywhere where there is a socket for a single-contact bulb.

If you are not familiar with these types of light bulbs, note that they are not threaded like regular bulbs. The sockets are spring-loaded, and you can find notches along the side. You can start pushing and twisting the bulb a bit to secure it in place.

Even though these bulbs are affordable, they only have a lifespan of around 1000 hours.
What We Like
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Produces a respectable amount of light
  • Boasts of an industry-standard design
  • Can be used anywhere that has a double-contact socket
What We Don’t Like
  • Short service lifespan
Although these motorhome LED lights are not as long-lasting and as energy-efficient as new LED lights, these bulbs from Camco are still affordable. You can also use them almost anywhere, a proof of how versatile they are.

Best RV LED Lights Buying Guide


As mentioned earlier, you can find thousands of different RV LED lighting options in the market nowadays. To help you choose the right one, or at the very least considerably limit the number of your possible options, here are some factors you need to take into consideration.

The size of your budget – While the price of a single LED bulb will not set you back too much regarding its price, keep in mind that you will be replacing a lot of lights so that the costs will stack up. Another thing to remember is that you will need to pay for quality lights.

You can expect the cheapest ones to be excellent. Odds are you will be more satisfied with the quality of bulbs that at least cost more than a dollar each.

You will need to set a reasonable budget for the lights in your RV, especially if you want them to perform a certain way. For example, if you’re going to retain the same colour temperature as the original RV lights.

The base of the lights – Most RV owners would just like to replace the bulbs instead of the whole lighting fixture because they want to preserve the original look of the interior as much as possible.

Changing the lighting fixtures is a bit risky as you will be putting something in that was not designed for the RV. It might look tacky. If you are planning on getting replacement bulbs, take the ones that have a 921 base.

You can find lights with bases that look like a wedge. You just need to insert these lights directly into the fixture, making them much more compact than bulbs that have screw-on bases. The good thing is that plenty of 921 LED bulbs are available today, and they are not that expensive either.

Wattage – A bulb’s wattage is the amount of electricity that it consumes. The good news is that LED lights are so efficient at producing light, using at least 85% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs that provide the same amount of illumination.

For instance, an average 6-watt LED bulb can produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Many people mistake wattage as the amount of light that a bulb emits, but that is not the case. That value is determined by the light output, which we will be discussing next.

Light output – The light output of a bulb is measured in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light the bulb produces. It is the reason why a 6-watt LED bulb can generate the same amount of light that a 60-watt bulb produces.

Although both bulbs produce the same amount of lumens, the incandescent bulb uses significantly less energy than the LED. It is essential since when replacing the bulbs in your RV, you have to consider the amount of light produced by the replacements.

Do you want to retain the same amount of brightness inside your RV, or something a bit brighter than the ones that you had before?

If you are thinking of retaining the original light output of your RV interior lights, use a photometer to measure the present amount of light. After that, look for LED lights that have the same output.

Colour temperature – Color temperature refers to the description of how warm or cold the colour of the light is. This value is measured in Kelvin units. It describes the light intensity according to that of the sunlight

This scale starts at 2700K. The higher the number, the whiter it looks. If the number is close to 2700K, the light will appear yellowish.

  • 2700K – This product is the warmest colour of light bulb that you can get nowadays. It is the most relaxing for the eyes, thus suitable for use in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • 3500K – This colour of light is a bit whiter, but still not entirely as white as natural daylight. You can often use it in bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.
  • 5000K – Often called cool white, these options refer to bulbs that have a fluorescent glow. You can expect these options to provide quite a lot of brightness and visibility, though they are still not so bright that they hurt the eyes. It is the reason why it is the colour light that is often used in hospitals.
  • 6000K+ – It is the brightest option, composing most white light bulbs that you can find in the market. Also referred to as daylight bulbs, the ones in this category almost perfectly mimic the colour of daylight at noon.

These kinds of bulbs are more suitable for offices as they are bright enough to enable people to read documents easily.

Maximum Overall Length (MOL) – It pertains to the length of the LED bulb. This factor is vital if you will still be using the original fixtures that came with the RV.

You need to measure the length of the original bulbs carefully and make sure that the replacement bulbs that you will be getting are roughly the same length, or shorter.

Extra Features – The additional features are not that important, unless, of course, you want some of the lights in your RV to be dimmable. Not all LED bulbs have a dimming capability, so determine if you do want this feature in your RV.

How Many Types of LED Light for RV Are There?

So what are the different types of LED lights that you can use for your RV? Here are just a few of your choices:

Dome Lights – The dome lights are the most common types of RV lights. You can often see these lights in smaller RVs, but you can also find them in larger ones.

You can wire these lights so that you can turn them on or off using a single switch. However, note that their fixtures also come with individual switches so you can turn off some of the lights while still leaving the others lit.

These lights are preferred in smaller RVs with low ceilings as users can easily reach them and turn them on or off.

Dinette Lights – These lights are similar to dome lights, but they are not quite as bright because they are meant to light up just a small area.

You would usually place these lights underneath the kitchen cabinets to aid in food preparation. You can also use these items to light up the dining area, hence the name.

Pinup Lights – These choices are light fixtures mounted on the walls and are usually turned up. More than just providing illumination, the pinup lights also serve as decorative pieces.

There are also times when these items serve as accent lights. Aside from that, you can place these lights outside of the RV, usually at both sides of the doorway.

Recessed Lights – As the name suggests, these LED lighting fixtures are embedded inside the ceiling of the RV to give the interior a sleek and clean look.

You can see these fixtures being often used in larger model RVs with high ceilings. However, you can also expect the lighting to work well in smaller RVs, but with proper design and positioning.

How Do RV LED Lights Work?

Although LED lights come in many different shapes and sizes, the way they work is still pretty much the same. A LED (Light Emitting Diode) is what is called in the industry as solid-state lighting (SSL) technology.

Unlike old-fashioned incandescent lamps that emit light from a vacuum or compact fluorescent bulbs that use noble gases, SSLs emit light from within a piece of solid matter. In this case, it is a semiconductor.

LED lights work pretty much the same as incandescent bulbs. It means that electricity has to pass through it to produce light.

However, in the case of LEDs, instead of a resistor filament, just having electrons move the semiconductor in the LED bulb is enough to create electromagnetic radiation. The human eye can even perceive some of it as visible light.

How Do I Change My RV Lights to LED?

The neat thing about changing your RV lights to LEDs is that you no longer have to change the lighting fixture or anything, like you would ten or so years back.

You can now buy LED bulb replacements that can fit perfectly into your existing 12v lighting fixtures. You just need to search for 921 LED bulbs. These bulbs have the same wedge-shaped base that the incandescent bulbs in your RV use.

It means you just need to swap out the old incandescent or halogen lamps with these new LED light bulbs.

How Do You Change an Interior Light Bulb on an RV?

It is pretty easy to change the interior light bulbs in an RV, especially if you will not be replacing the light fixture. In this example, we will be using a simple dome light.

First, turn off the light and let it cool down for a bit before you do anything. Afterwards, you can remove the plastic dome cover. Sometimes, you can see the cover is screwed down onto the base. There are also instances when you still have to pry it off using a flat screwdriver.

It is necessary to prevent it from shattering in your hands and causing severe injuries. Once you have grabbed hold of the bulb, give it a good tug.

If the bulb is in there tight, give it a bit of wiggle while you are pulling it out. Once you have pulled the old one out, replace it with the new 921 LED light bulb. Your RV might have a T10 base, so check first before buying bulbs. Just insert the new LED bulbs into the same slot where you took the old piece.

Do not replace the dome cover just yet. You need to turn on the light first to see if you inserted the bulb the correct way. If it does not light up, turn the switch off, pull it out to flip over, and try again.

If the bulb still does not light up, it might be busted. After you have tested the light, you can replace the dome cover again.

Care and Maintenance

The great thing about RV LED lights is that they are pretty much low-maintenance. You can mostly just forget about the lights after installation. However, you can do a few things to make sure that the lights will last for as long as possible.

First, turn the lights off when they are not needed. Not only will this simple gesture prolong the service lifespan of the LED bulbs, but you will also save quite a lot of electricity. Even though LED bulbs use so little power, it does add up after some time.

Also, you should take the time every week or so to wipe the dust off the dome covering the lights. You do not need to open up the dome and clean the bulbs themselves.

A clean and clear dome cover will let more light through, thus maximizing the use of the LED bulbs. This one does not technically prolong the lifespan of the bulb, but you will be able to get a lot of use from the LED lamps.

Other RV LED Lights We Reviewed

Kohree 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light

If you will be replacing the lights, including the fixtures, get this pack of 5 sets from Kohree. You will be getting excellent products at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Each lamp is rated to last up to 60,000 hours of continuous use.
  • Each bulb produces anywhere between 4000 and 4500K colour of light.
  • Comes with a 3-way switch with both lights on or just one light on

Leisure LED 12V LED RV Dome Light

You will not regret getting these replacement lights. Aside from being brighter than your old lights, they can also last a whole lot longer.

Key Features:

  • Each bulb only draws 3 watts of energy.
  • Produces 300 lumens of light
  • Easy to install

GRB 1156 1141 1003 BA15S 68-SMD LED Light Bulbs

Not only are these light bulbs suitable for the interior of the RV, but you can also use them to replace the tail lights of your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Extremely bright; can produce up to 800 lumens
  • Each bulb has 68 SMD LEDs, ensuring even light production.
  • Can fit in the tail light sockets perfectly

Aucan T10 921 194 42-SMD 12V Reverse LED Lights

If you are not satisfied with the dim and uneven lighting produced by your incandescent light bulbs, replace them with these products and be amazed.

Key Features:

  • Can fit in any standard 921 socket
  • Easy to install as it has a plug-and-play setup
  • Each bulb has 42 pieces of SMDs, ensuring 360 degrees of illumination.

Miady 12V RV LED Dome Light

Give your old RV a modern touch by replacing your indoor lights with these new LED dome lights.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Produces 4000-4500K colour light, ideal for indoor lighting
  • Can produce up to 560 lumens, more than enough light for RV interior

Areful 16.4-feet Flat LED Rope Light

Are you looking for easy to install and versatile accent lights for your RV? Look no further than this product.

Key Features:

  • You can choose between eight different colour lights.
  • Easy to install as it comes with wall clips
  • Can be easily interconnected; can also be cut to size using scissors

THALASSA 12V LED Touch Boat Ceiling Light

These dimmable lights are perfect for the sleeping quarters as a reading light

Key Features:

  • Equipped with convenient touch controls
  • Only 0.38-inch thick, making it sleek and low-profile
  • Boasts of natural dimming settings

Heng’s HG-LR-W-WW-AFT LED Vent Trim Kit

Replace your RV’s dull vent trim with this flashy LED trim kit from Heng’s.

Key Features:

  • Not just for show as it can add 720 lumens to your interior lighting
  • Can run from the 12-volt line from the vent
  • Low power consumption

Facon 3-inch LED RV Puck Light

This recessed puck light is effortless to install. You do not even need your screwdriver if you do not want to.

Key Features:

  • Can be mounted two ways: by screwing on the base, or using the spring clips
  • Has an estimated service lifespan of 50,000+ hours
  • Produces 210 lumens each, with a colour temperature of 3400K (warm white)

Dream Lighting RV LED Recessed Down Light

Add a little more mood lighting to your RV interior using these recessed downlights from Dream Lighting.

Key Features:

  • Produces 110 lumens of warm white light, perfect for sleeping quarters or accent lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Mounts almost flush to the surface

Kohree 12-volt RV LED Light Bulbs

These lights are the ideal replacement for your bayonet-style incandescent bulbs. You can expect the bulbs to be brighter and do not add to your A/C’s heat load at all.

Key Features:

  • Lasts 25 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs
  • Uses just a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs do
  • Produces little to negligible amounts of radiant heat

Lightronic 10.3-inch 12W 1200 Lumens 6000K LED Light

Just a couple of these light fixtures can light up your entire RV. It is truly a worthwhile investment.

Key Features:

  • Can produce 1200 lumens of light
  • Has a 6000K colour temperature, almost the same as natural daylight
  • Can be installed virtually flush to the ceiling for a low-profile look

MICTUNING RV LED Porch Utility Light

Give your RV porch the much-needed illumination using this bright yet energy-efficient light from Mictuning.

Key Features:

  • Easy to mount and install
  • Produces 750 lumens of light
  • The light is cast at a wide and uniform beam.


Changing the lights of your old RV into modern LED bulbs will be one of the best decisions that you will do for your vehicle. However, make sure that you are only using the best RV LED lights so that you can get your money’s worth.

You will instantly see the positive results of the new LED lights right after you install them. Aside from saving a lot of money on electricity, you will also notice that it is a lot cooler inside the RV. In addition to the effect of lighting, led lights also decorate your RV more brilliantly. Beside, to increasing the picnic experience you can learn more about the our favourist lawn chairs and the top-rated rv steps.

These few benefits alone make the change worthwhile, but wait until you do it then find out the many other positive things that you will get.

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