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How to Clear a Clogged RV Toilet?

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

RVs are so comfortable because we have everything we need inside it. It’s got a bed, kitchen, dining, and even a toilet! But, nothing kills the comfort and fun out of RVs more than a disgusting, backed-up toilet. I’d be totally embarrassed, especially if I have a company with me.

Well, a situation like this is entirely normal for RV owners. You probably have experienced it at least once. Though inevitable, this should not ruin RV moments! We can always learn how to clear clogged RV toilets in the fastest ways possible.

Table of Contents

Things you’ll have to keep in case your toilet clogs

How do you unclog a rv toilet quickly

First things first, we cannot do anything without equipment. No bare hands can fix this mess, so you better ensure you always have the following:

You may or may not use all this stuff at once when unclogging the toilet. But, if things get worse, it’s better if you have all these to secure the fix.

Getting into Action

We do have two unclogging methods here: The Basic Fix and The Alternative. We have gathered helpful videos, don’t miss it out!

1. The Basic Fixes


Step 1: Position the plunger.

Cover the entire toilet hole. Position it carefully and make sure there is no gap between the hole and the plunger. Sometimes, the reason why this does not fix the problem is because of the wrong plunger positioning. We could have done it easy, but it turned out wrong.

Step 2: Pump

Now, start pumping for at least 15 to 20 times. Wait for the toilet to make a sucking sound. Then carefully remove the plunger to see if the clog is gone. If plunging once wasn’t effective, you may do it again twice or thrice. You can also add water to the bowl if there’s none anymore.

Toilet Snake

Step 1: Push Toilet Snake through the toilet hole

Stubborn blockages will sometimes require a tool that could reach into it and push it down completely. Carefully, push the coil of wire until you reach that part where there is a clogging.

Step 2: Do varied movements

Do a little twisting along with the pushing to somehow break the clog into pieces. Just don’t do it so hard because this can turn messy. Once the toilet snake breaks the clog, it will easily go through the black water tank.

2. The Alternative

This method will need a more complicated work than the basic fixes. But, this is more of a long term solution compared to the previous tips. I’d prefer to learn this, especially if it’s a permanent fix you are looking for. Here’s how it’s done

Step 1: Empty the Black Water Tank

It is important that you pull your RV in designated dumping stations when doing this fix. Grab your sewer hose and have it attached to the dump station hole. Take the black water tank cap out of the RV. Attach the sewer hose’s other end to the RV’s black water tank.

Step 2: Open the valve

There is a valve right next to your black water tank, pull it until it’s completely open. You will notice a flowing sound from there. It is both the solid and liquid waste trying to pass through the hose. It sure is nothing to worry about.

Step 3: Remove the Sewer hose

Once you hear no flowing sounds anymore, close the valve. Then, you can safely remove the hose from both ends. Do this slowly, we do not want this to get any messier anymore. Lastly, replace the black water tank cap and have it screwed as tight as possible.

Step 4: Check the toilet clog

After successfully emptying the tank, look at the bowl if the blockages are in there. If you see the buildup, it’s more likely that the clog is in the bowl and not in the water tank. This is specifically called a pyramid plug.

If there’s nothing you can see even down the pipe, there was something wrong in the black water tank.

Step 5: Precaution

This is not a requirement, but it’s worth trying. All you have to do is purchase chemicals that can digest waste. You can check at your local hardware stores for Waste Digesting chemicals.

Pour the liquid to your black water tank. Make sure to follow the suggested liquid amount stated in the labels. It will take care of breaking the clog into dust for you.

Final Word

If you are reading these tips, I hope it helped you get back to your adventure as quickly as possible. Some steps may be challenging, but always remember why we are trying to learn these remedies. We want to make the most out of our RV experience. Isn’t that the reason why we have an RV in the first place? Don’t let anything dull your moments out, not even toilet clogging.

Tell us which method worked out for you and don’t forget to share, you may help others too!

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