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Cassette Toilet Vs Black Tank: Which Is Better?

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

cassette toilet vs black tank

Your RV requires a toilet, especially if you are fond of traveling to different places. And so it’s just right to contemplate on which one is better between a cassette toilet vs black tank.

The fact is, this issue has been around since the beginning of the RV world. And while both types of camper toilets are designed for RVs, they have their own advantages and drawbacks. In this post, we will give the important factors that affect your decision in choosing a toilet.

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Overview on Cassette Toilet & Black Tank Toilet for an RV


  • RV cassette toilet – a cassette toilet is equipped with a removable waste tank for dumping. It is ideal for small recreational vehicles, but can be for large ones too. Dumping is needed every three days or less.
  • Black tank toilet – a black tank toilet is permanently installed on an RV. Dumping the waste requires a dump station and a dumping hose. This type of toilet can last for a week before dumping is needed.

Factors That Affect Your Decision In Choosing A Cassette Toilet Or Black Tank Toilet


Between a black tank toilet vs cassette toilet, which one do you think is best for your camper? It’s quite alright to get confused, especially if you have little idea on how does a cassette toilet work as well as the blank tank toilet.

Before you make a choice, take the time to explore the important factors that differentiates the cassette toilet from the black tank toilets.

Factor #1: Convenience

In terms of function, both the cassette toilet and black tank toilet are the same. They offer usability in times when you need to poop, and it is quite easy to use them. However, the difference in convenience lies in the tank system. The cassette toilet has a portable tank, while the other type does not.

Factor #2: Capacity

Portable cassette toilets and black tank toilets both have permanent toilet bowls installed in the RV.

The cassette toilet is a better choice if your RV is small, or if you have no black tank in your camper. A cassette toilet has a waste tank capacity of 5 gallons, more or less, depending on the model. Meanwhile, a regular RV black tank can hold between 15 and 50 gallons of waste.

Factor #3: Number of people

A cassette toilet for RV is ideal for a lone RVer or even for two people living or traveling in a camper, while a black tank toilet is best for a family of three, four, or more.

That said, if many people are using your cassette toilet, to resolve the issue of a small waste tank capacity, you simply need to do your dumping daily or as soon as the tank is full.

Factor #4: Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, the cassette toilet is easier to maintain. Simply dump the waste when full, and clean the tank and toilet bowl seamlessly. Simply pour water inside the tank, along with your favored cleaning solution.

And when there is a technical issue with the cassette toilet, a fix is easy since all the components are visible.

On the other hand, the black tank is more complicated to maintain. The cleaning process is time-consuming, since you need to get a wastewater hose in addition to protecting the tank sensor. Plus, in case of a malfunction, repairing the black tank takes time, and possibly a professional.

Factor #5: Odor & dumping

All kinds of toilets have the potential to smell, but with the case of a cassette toilet and black water toilet, the latter has more probability of excreting odor in your RV. A black tank toilet can handle a week’s worth of waste, which means that the accumulated waste can smell after a few days.

However, the cassette toilet requires dumping every three day at the most, which allows you to clean it up regularly. Plus, you can even dump the waste everyday to prevent any bad odor.

On the other hand, the black tank is larger in size, so it takes twice or even thrice the time to fill before dumping is needed. So if dumping is not an issue for you, then the cassette toilet is good for your RV.

Factor #6: Gross level

A product like the Dometic cassette toilet or Thetford cassette toilet is no doubt a revolutionary invention for all the dedicated RVers in the world. However, if you are easily grossed out, then this toilet type may not be suitable for you.

Often, you’ll have to remove the cassette toilet from the RV using its handle. With a black tank toilet, you never have to deal with carrying your dump storage physically.

Factor #7: Dump site availability

Both the cassette toilet and black tank toilet need to be dumped at some point. However, the former has better options in dump sites. You can bring this type of toilet to any dump site or public toilet, or even dump the waste at your traditional home.

But with the case of a black tank toilet, you need to get rid of the waste at a dump station only. And sometimes, you are too far from one in your travels.


Now, you have the knowledge to decide between a cassette toilet vs black tank one. Check the factors thoroughly, and see which of the two toilet options is better and more suitable for you.

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