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How to Adjust Day-Night Shades in Your RV Without Damaging Them

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when you are trying to move a blind shade but it wouldn’t comply? Personally, I have experienced this, and it creates an awkward atmosphere. In a similar way, my uncle’s RV shades used to give me a hard time every time I tried to adjust the shades to day or night mode.

How to Adjust Day Night Shades in Your RV Without Damaging Them

I bet you have experienced this too. In most cases, the shades win, and we end up digging into our pockets to repair the shades after fighting for a few minutes or hours depending on one’s level of patience. The RV’s shades won a couple of battles but I finally won the war. Stick around and I will show how to adjust day-night shades in RV without causing any damages.

Day-night shades start to develop lifting and lowering problems when they are not adjusted properly. Let us look at some of these common problems:

Problem 1: Shades not moving up and down at all

This normally indicates that the string inside the shades is broken or frayed. If this is the case, you should replace the strings as soon as possible. Replace all of the lifting cords if you can. The problem could also be on the cord retainer devices where proper tension is lacking. Replace the strings if they are stretched out.

Problem 2: The shades go up and down unevenly

This problem might also be caused by a string problem or an issue with the cord retainers. You just have to replace the culprit to fix this.


Problem 3: Shades get caught up when going up or down

When strings fray, they might get caught in the holes of the fabrics. This makes the shade suddenly stop when you try to move them. The problem might also be caused by end caps, cord guides, or filler strips. Strings get stuck on these when they wear out. You should check and replace worn out parts often.

Problem 4: Shades won’t hold in a certain position

If you experienced this, try to adjust the two cord retainers equally. If this does not work, check whether the internal spring is stretched out. If it is, replace it and the problem will be gone.

When the fabric tears or is soiled with dirt, moving might also become difficult and can lead to further shade damage. Sometimes, the pleats relax and the fabric becomes flat. For this, you will need to replace the entire shade when you experience fabric issues.

I would recommend that you raise your day-night shades when you are not using the RV. Keeping the shades raised can help maintain their shapes and protect the fabric from accumulating dirt.


Do you experience any of these problems? I did. However, I learned how to take care of the shades and how to adjust them without any problems. If your shades are in good condition, here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1: Reduce spring tension 

If the shades do not move, decrease the spring tension. You can do this by loosening the spool retaining screw on one side. Make sure that you hold the spool firmly to prevent it from twisting. Rotate the spool slowly in an anticlockwise direction. Do the same on the other side and tighten the screws. After that, Try to move the shade up and down and see if it is moving properly.

You can check out this video tutorial for more info:

Step 2: Tighten or loosen the spools in case of uneven movements

Uneven movement usually means that one side has more tension than the other. In this case, inspect which side is loose then tighten the spool afterward. If you are not sure which side is loose, loosen both sides then tighten the spools on both sides.

Step 3: Restring the shades

Remove the shades from the mounting and place two elastics around the folded shade to make handling easier. You can buy these restringing kits if you do not have any and follow the repair procedure shared on google

After restringing, mount the shade back onto the mounting base and adjust the spool tension accordingly.

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Final Thoughts

If you follow these steps, I am confident that your shades will work well and save you from unforeseen embarrassments. These shade adjustment tips helped me win the war I had with my uncle’s RV shades. I believe it will also help you to end your day-night shade problems in your RV.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Did it answer your questions? Did it provide a solution to your problems? If yes, feel free to comment or add anything that you think can be helpful. You can also share this article and help another person if you liked it. Thanks for reading!

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