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The Best RV Jack Pads to Prevent Slippage on Different Surfaces

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

best rv jack pads

Buying the best RV jack pads can be a daunting process, especially when you do not have a clear idea of which product to purchase. It can be intimidating and tempting to select any pad jacks for rigs you see. Or, you might resort to making poor-quality homemade RV jack pads at a low price.

In this guide, you will learn about the heavy-duty RV jack pads for your specific needs. Still, make sure to take note of different factors while making your purchasing decision. Some of these elements to consider are:

  • Durability: Buying RV jack pads should give you peace of mind. High-quality jack pads should not crack or break under the heavy pressure of different rigs.
  • Price: Using homemade RV stabilizer pads might be a cheaper option. However, these DIY RV jacks might not be ideal if you are unsure about these choices.
  • Instead, allocate a budget to buy good-quality non-slip pads for your rig. Most first-rate jack pads on the market, particularly those from reliable brands, offer peace of mind to many rig owners by providing excellent strength and ruggedness from these products.
  • Measurements: Camper jack pads that are narrower than your rig’s tires can become safety hazards. Make sure to use reasonably large RV jack pads to ensure your vehicle does not misalign or lose balance while parked.

At this point, you might already be wondering about the different motorhome jack pads on the market. Continue reading to know 11 of the top-tier jack stand base pads you can use for your rig. By the end of this guide, you should have a better idea of the right jack pads for your specific requirements.

Table of Contents

Top 11 RV Jack Pad Reviews

1. Camco 44595 RV Stabilizing Jack Pads

This Camco RV stabilizing jack is one of the top-rated plastic jack pads on the market. It has many features that help minimize damages to parked RVs.

One excellent function to mention is its heavy-duty polypropylene construction. I experienced little to no weather damage, which I attribute to the plastic material’s UV-protecting traits. This one is indeed among heavy duty jack pads that stand up to abuse.

Moreover, the four RV pads in the package do a good job keeping my rig level and stable. I used these RV leveling blocks to lift and align my 4,000-pound travel trailer. Additionally, I tested these RV stabilizer pads on a friend’s 6,000-pound rig, which still provided the steadfastness.

I also experienced little to no skidding on sloped surfaces from these leveling jack pads. The pads’ reasonably large surface area helped the RV stay in place, even when parked on fairly uneven surfaces.

Portability is also another of the strong points of these stabilizer pads. Each pad has a handle to promote hassle-free carry. The package also comes with a Velcro storage strap to ensure the pads are stowed neatly.

One downside I saw is that these RV stabilizing jack pads are not compatible with hydraulic jacks. Therefore, some rig owners might have trouble using these pads if their vehicles require hydraulic jacks for leveling.
What We Like
  • Heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene construction
  • Can carry up to 6,000 pounds with relative ease
  • Provides little to no skidding on sloped surfaces
  • Compact dimensions and handle for easy carry
  • Comes with a Velcro storage strap
What We Don’t Like
  • Not compatible with hydraulic jacks.
Overall, several RV jack pads seem to have trouble keeping up with these Camco pads. In my experience, these jack pads consist of many helpful features, such as a hard-wearing construction and excellent traction on sloped surfaces.

2. SnapPad Xtra RV Leveling Jack Pads

I was looking for durable rubber RV jack pads and came across this model. At first glance, I knew these rubber jack pads were going to be worth every penny. Installing these rubber motorhome jack pads even made me quite giddy.

I am amazed by how the manufacturer achieved a top-notch construction using recycled materials. Not only are these RV rubber jack pads eco-friendly, but they also have anti-slip characteristics. I tested the traction on these rubber RV leveling pads, and they did not disappoint.

Additionally, these RV pads work as excellent insulators, thanks to the mixture of heavy-duty materials like high-strength resin and tire crumbs. Pressing these ingredients made it possible to produce weather-resistant permanent jack pads that protect against inclement climates. Also, the composite rubber acts as an electricity inductor, perfect for camping in thunderstorms.

Stability is another aspect of these RV stabilizing jack pads that is worth mentioning. These units are fairly easy to install, and they do not budge while in place. Also, the setup only took a few minutes, so I still had time for other important matters.

Perhaps my only concern about these pads is that they are quite expensive. Although these RV stabilizing pads are of top-tier quality, many rig owners with tight budgets might not take a few steps back after seeing the price tag.
What We Like
  • Top-tier environment-friendly construction using recycled ingredients
  • Insulators against weather damage with high-strength resin and tire crumbs
  • Composite rubber as an electricity inductor
  • Optimal stability and traction
  • Easy installation as the pads do not budge
What We Don’t Like
  • Generally more expensive than many other jack pads.
Permanently parked recreational vehicle owners will find these pads enjoyable. These models are easy to install and use, and they provide optimal stability and peace of mind for many RVers.

3. Quality Plastics Utility Block

A fellow camper recommended this pack of four Quality Plastics utility blocks for my RV leveling and stabilizing needs. I decided to follow his suggestion and purchased a pack of these industrial-strength jack pads. It is safe to say that the performance brought by these products exceeded many of my expectations.

First, I would like to note that these pads use rubber instead of plastic, despite the brand’s name. However, the rubber material used is not only heavy-duty but also reasonably resistant to different weather. I left the pads out under different seasons, such as summer and winter. The blocks did not dishearten me by staying as hard-wearing as possible throughout inclement weather.

Also, the friction delivered by the blocks is impeccable, to say the least. My rig and the connected jack remained stable on the ground. The rubber material provided the right amount of flexibility and steadfastness to my vehicle without sacrificing sturdiness.

I am also astounded by the amount of weight these blocks can carry. I used them on a toy hauler that weighs about 20,000 pounds. These models carried the weight of the entire rig without significant hassle. Therefore, it is possible to use these units as fifth wheel stabilizers or truck camper jack pads.

But I need to mention that taking the blocks out of their packaging was not a fairly good experience. The distinct smell of burnt rubber emanated immediately upon opening the pack, which may put off some users. I used a neutral pH cleaner to help remove some of the off-putting odor.
What We Like
  • Durable rubber material offers excellent weather resistance
  • First-rate friction prevents the connected jack and rig from slippage
  • Offers a sufficient amount of flexibility without sacrificing rigidity
  • Can carry 20,000-pound rigs fairly easily
What We Don’t Like
  • The strong rubber odor might put off some users.
All in all, this rubber jack pad is one of the best products to help level and stabilize many rigs. Its durable construction and other hard-wearing features can make it a must-buy for different RV campers.

4. Camco RV Universal Flex Pads

This product is another model from Camco, and it is an ideal choice for different campers and RVs of varying sizes.

I tested the pads in the pack on small trailers to large truck campers. The pads served me well in each test as they did not create slippage, even on an uneven or flat surface. This unit can even be the perfect RV jack pad for rigs over 20,000 pounds.

I also like the design of the product’s surface, even though I will not see most of it after the installation. But I noticed that this appearance is more than simple aesthetics.

The squares on each of the pads have perfect 8.5-inch measurements with 1-inch thickness. This design choice allows the units to have accurate placements underneath the jacks.

Moreover, I am content to know that these pads come from recycled components. Interested buyers looking for eco-friendly options to level and affix their rigs correctly might consider this kit.

The material and the squares also promote optimal flexibility. I noticed that the pads conform to different hard and soft surfaces, including the soft ground.

But I should mention that the height of the pads is slightly taller than other variants. Thus, some users might find it more challenging than expected to install these pads and level their rigs because of the pads’ total height.
What We Like
  • Top-rated traction, allowing the pads to prevent slippage on different surfaces
  • Functional and simple design promotes accurate placements
  • Eco-friendly option, thanks to the use of recycled components during production
  • Delivers optimal flexibility, making the pads conform to hard and soft surfaces
  • Ideal dimension: 8.5 inches x 1 inch
What We Don’t Like
  • Tall design may promote extra challenges for some users
This jack pad for RV should be a great addition for many campers. It has an excellent fit for many applications, and it can also help reduce carbon footprint because of its use of environment-friendly materials.

5. Tri-Lynx RV Leveling Pads

Many RVers would equate leveling their rigs to be nothing but chores. One reason is that these rig owners do not like to install jack pads, particularly the low-quality models. Thankfully, I found these RV jack pads that help reduce and perhaps even eliminate that issue.

At first, I thought that the blocks would have some trouble interlocking with each other. But my doubts disappeared once I tried to stack a block on top of another. The stabilizer jacks become secure, and they do not budge.

I am also quite surprised by the versatility of these leveling pads. Not only was I able to put them below my rig, but it was also possible to place the blocks below other objects like a table. On some occasions, I even used these units as extra jack pads and transformed them into makeshift baseball bases.

Moreover, the load-bearing capacity on these pads is sufficiently strong. One of my tests leads to using these blocks to carry a 2017 Jayco Eagle, which roughly weighs 8,200 pounds. I was able to level that specific rig on a slope with six of these pads. Plus, the vehicle did not shift or slide, which is a huge win for this investigation.

On the downside, I am a bit doubtful to recommend these leveling pads for heavy rig owners. I tried to use these units on a 22-foot mini-class C RV, and some of them broke while the others became squished.
What We Like
  • Easy to install, thanks to the interlocking design.
  • Secure fit when blocks connect
  • Great versatility since it is possible to use these blocks under things like tables
  • A reasonably strong load-bearing capacity to lift 8,000-pound vehicles
What We Don’t Like
  • Might not be ideal for vehicles weighing over 12,000 pounds
This product is an excellent choice for interested buyers looking for top-performing leveling blocks for small- to medium-sized vehicles.

6. Andersen Hitches Trailer Jack Block

The design of this product may look like an upside-down bucket, which is fairly unconventional for RV jack pad appearances. However, I am not looking for a pretty RV jack block, for I want a product that balances my rig. Thankfully, this Andersen Hitches model does not disappoint in different departments.

For starters, this jack block has built-in magnets that prevent it from getting stuck in the wrong place. Additionally, the block has lipped edges to keep its position when the jack is on the ground.

As mentioned earlier, the design of this trailer block might not satisfy buyers looking for aesthetically pleasing RV leveling devices. However, I can safely say that this design choice is not a coincidence. It is because the appearance makes it possible to reduce and even prevent swaying to the connected rig.

Furthermore, I like that the brand included a limited lifetime warranty with this product. Therefore, if I encounter any problems caused by natural causes with this block, I can contact the company’s customer service team to help me with those issues.

The rating for this Andersen block is 6000 lb for a single piece and 1500 lbs for two stacks. That’s impressive strength regarding its compact dimension of 8 inches tall, 10-inch top part diameter, and 12-inch bottom part diameter.

Furthermore, the price is slightly higher than other low-cost options, which means some purchasers with strict budgets may have second thoughts in proceeding with the transaction to buy this product.
What We Like
  • Built-in magnets secure the block and the connected rig in place
  • Lipped edges keep the block steady
  • The functional and simple design prevents swaying to the vehicle
  • Limited lifetime warranty for long-lasting use
  • One piece is 6000 lbs rating and two stacks are 1500 lbs rating
What We Don’t Like
  • Higher price tag
Despite the higher-than-average costs, this Andersen Hitches block for RVs and travel trailers is great for different reasons. It keeps the connected rig to be as secure as possible, and it prevents swaying as well.

7. RoadWarrior RV Jack Pad

I can say that this particular RV jack pad is something of a mysterious marvel. It only weighs 8 pounds, yet it can handle heavyweights of up to 50,000 pounds. Therefore, this pad can easily carry and align class A, B, and C RVs and travel trailers, pop-up campers, and 5th wheels.

I also liked that this jack pad is waterproof. Gone are the days when I had to purchase extra leveling and stabilizing pads for my RV because they became ruined because of heavy moisture.

It should also be mentioned that this pad has a durable thermoplastic construction. This product’s color also has a good resistance against fading, particularly when exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays for extended periods.

Another likable trait of this RV jack pad is its anti-skid jack pocket. I found that the connected jack and rig will stay in place. I attribute this feature to the product’s dimensions of 2.5 inches wide x .25 inches deep. With these measurements, the pad can support different vehicles adding a significant height to the setup.

One shortcoming I found is the price tag. It is fairly expensive, and one order only equates to one pad. Therefore, rig owners who are following strict budgets might have second thoughts in buying this option.
What We Like
  • A lightweight construction of only 8 pounds
  • Can support weights of up to 50,000 pounds like campers and 5th wheels
  • The sturdy thermoplastic build offers fade resistance against UV rays
  • Anti-skid jack pocket assures connected jack
  • 5 inches wide x .25 inches deep to keep the rig in place
What We Don’t Like
  • Costs a bit more than other pads
Overall, this RV jack pad is a top-notch choice for RVers with extra cash in their spending allowances. Despite its reasonably high price, this pad can provide different first-rate features to its users.

8. Homeon Wheels RV Jack Pads

Budget-conscious RV jack pad seekers may want to consider this option. This product might not be the least expensive model on the market. However, its costs should still be appealing to many RVers in tight budgets.

Aside from its fairly low price point, I applaud this model’s compatibility. I was able to use it on different support devices for RVs, including jacks and swing-down stabilizers. But I should mention that this product is not compatible with hydraulic jacks.

Still, when this pad provides support, it can do so without a significant risk of cracking or sinking into soft ground. Moreover, the distinct reinforced honeycomb design offers more than additional aesthetics. In my experience, this design also helps the pad supply extra stability to connected jacks, stabilizers, and rigs.

Looking at the bottom layer, I found that each of the four pads in the package has non-slip components. These accessories came in handy as I parked my vehicle on uneven and soft terrain.

Additionally, each jack pad in the package only weighs about 3 pounds each. The lightweight design makes the pads easy to carry. Plus, the inclusion of a handle allows me to carry and stow it with ease.

The last likable element on these pads, but certainly not the least, is that they are made from polypropylene. Using this material provides additional benefits to users, such as making the product hard-wearing and weatherproof.

Furthermore, the pads are also resistant to ultraviolet light, which might otherwise cause unwanted fading.
What We Like
  • Reasonably inexpensive price point.
  • Compatible with many jacks and swing-down stabilizers.
  • Provides support without cracking or sinking into soft ground.
  • Unique honeycomb design increases stability to connected support devices.
  • Lightweight 3-pound construction with a handle for easy carry and storage.
  • Durable UV-resistant and weatherproof polypropylene construction.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not compatible with hydraulic jacks.
RVers looking for a top-notch product without spending a significant amount of money may look into buying this product. Each pad in the package provides top-notch features, especially its resistance against inclement weather.

9. Camco 44424 Stabilizer Jack

Some people might think that the color yellow on this stabilizer jack might only exist because of the manufacturer’s preferences. But this bright hue makes it easy to align and balance my RV in the dark.

I should also mention that this stabilizer jack for RVs requires a split installation instead of being stacked. It was a bit confusing at first to install this model because of its unique design. But once I got the gist of the task, it did not take me a significant amount of time to set it up.

Furthermore, I like that these models work well with other jack pads for motorhomes. I used thin yellow square pads with this unit from Camco to help level and steady my vehicle. In some instances, using a ½-inch thick piece of plywood was even possible to help raise my RV with this jack pad.

As for its maximum load-bearing capacity, this particular characteristic is above average. I used two of these jack pads underneath a 5th wheel landing that weighs about 3,000 pounds. I continued my investigation by putting the blocks under a 16,500-pound toy hauler. The results were more than satisfying as the material did not bend or break.

All of these features equate to a decently priced model. Therefore, RVers looking to save a few dollars in buying durable and fairly versatile jack pads may consider this unit.

But I should mention that this pad is reasonably larger than other models. Therefore, it tends to add a significant height, which might not be ideal for every parking scenario.
What We Like
  • The bright yellow color makes it easy to install at night
  • Made for a split installation, easy to align
  • Compatible with other jack pads
  • Reasonably high load-bearing ceiling, up to 16,500 lbs
  • Fairly low price tag with great durablity
What We Don’t Like
  • Tall height might not be ideal for every RV parking scenario.
After looking at its price and features, this particular jack pad is a great buy. Its functionality and traits provide excellent value to its users without letting them break banks.

10. Gefuka RV Stabilizer Jack Pad

Perhaps the best trait I noticed with this particular RV stabilizer jack pad is its unobtrusive design. It has a fairly straightforward look, making installation and uses reasonably easy to accomplish.

However, I should mention to those who want to use this product that the pad should have its ‘grind side’ upwards to provide correct stability and traction.

Additionally, I like how this pad performs on soft ground. This model was able to support my vehicle on grass, soil, and other reasonably soft terrains. Plus, it was possible to use this pad with other RV supporting devices, such as leveling blocks and jack pads.

The entire package is reasonably priced, which I found to be ideal for budget-conscious RV campers. Each pack contains four pads, and the overall costs should burn holes in wallets too much.

I also liked the compatibility of these units. The 6.3 x 8.86 x 2.3-inch dimensions are sufficiently large to support different vehicles, including various RVs, campers, and travel trailers. It was even possible to put the pads underneath conventional automobiles.

But if I had one gripe with these pads, it is with its choice of color. Each pad has a fairly dark blue finish, making it difficult to see in the dark. In certain cases, I had to use my flashlight to help me install the pads at night.
What We Like
  • Straightforward design for easy installation and use.
  • Does not sink into soft ground
  • Economical package contains four jack pads at a reasonable price point
  • Compatible with different leveling blocks and jack pads
  • 3 x 8.86 x 2.3-inch dimension to level various vehicles
What We Don’t Like
  • Dark blue color might make installation difficult at night.
Ultimately, these jack pads can make many RVers and automobile users content by supporting vehicles efficiently on both hard and soft surfaces.

11. Garfatol RV Jack Pads with Handle

After testing many RV stabilizer bars, pads, and blocks, I noticed that multiple models tend to sink into soft ground. One of the reasons is that these units often have trouble lifting different rigs due to uneven weight distributions. But I did not have such a problem with these Garfatol jack pads.

The 11.8 x 11.8-inch profile provides equal weight distribution across the pads’ surface areas. Moreover, these models have a high-impact polyethylene plastic construction that offers top-notch durability. This build quality even does a fairly good job in resisting the elements like moisture and sunlight.

Despite the first-rate rigidity offered by these pads, they still possess a reasonably low price point. Therefore, RV campers and rig owners that follow strict budgets may find this aspect to be a reasonable deal. Moreover, the plastic construction has a ribbed design, preventing unwanted skids across different surfaces.

The compact construction also makes these RV jack pads easy to store. The package also comes with a Velcro strap to make stowing more convenient than many other tested models.

But these pads work the best when used as pairs. I noticed that using only one of the pads made it tough to carry and level rigs. Thankfully, each pack contains two pads.
What We Like
  • Equal surface area 11.8-inch profile promotes consistent weight distribution
  • High-impact polyethylene construction provides excellent durability
  • Reasonably low price for budget-conscious buyers
  • Easy to store, thanks to the compact structure and Velcro strap
What We Don’t Like
  • Might work the best when used as pairs
These jack pads for different motorhomes, campers, and travel trailers offer many advantages. It is durable, with equal weight distribution, and has a low price tag.

RV Jack Pads Buying Guide


Many jack pads for RVs on the market have different features and traits. Buying the right trailer jack pad can help prevent many issues, such as RVs becoming misaligned or unleveled. Keep reading to know more about the essential factors to think about when buying RV jack supports.

  • Durability

One of the first things to consider when choosing an RV jack pad is its durability. Although many RV jack footpads are not significantly expensive, failure to purchase a heavy-duty jack pad will end up costing you more cash than intended.

Search for durable RV stabilizer jack pads. Take note that a high price tag does not immediately mean that the product is hard-wearing. Instead, make sure it has the correct features to ensure it lasts a reasonably long time.

For instance, opt for UV-resistant RV jack pads. Additionally, buy and use RV leveling jack pads that do not wobble or give in to the weight of the recreational vehicle.

  • Measurements

It is also vital to buy jack pads for RVs that fit snuggly on your vehicle’s tires when used. In turn, it can be a better idea to use wider RV jack stand pads than narrower models.

If you use narrow travel trailer jack blocks, you risk ruining the balance and level of your vehicle, particularly when you park it on uneven ground. Heavy-duty jack pads with sufficient wide frames should support the weight of different RVs.

  • Weight Capacity

The most favorite jack pads to use should have reasonably high load capacity ratings. In turn, you can use these models to create optimal alignment and stability for RVs parked on flat and uneven surfaces.

Make sure to read the product’s description or label to find out its load-bearing capacity. For example, many 5th wheel jack pads should carry a 40,000-pound vehicle easily. Additionally, using class A RV jack pads should put your mind at ease, knowing that these models can lift 30,000-pound vehicles with certainty.

  • Price

Another factor that plays a significant role in your search for ideal leveling pads for RV is their costs. Keep in mind that many factors can affect the overall costs of leveling pads for campers. These elements can include the product’s brand, features, and current market value.

Also, be vigilant as some companies try to reduce the cost of their products by making them lower-priced than others. Despite the idea of helping you save some money, the lower-quality items may break easily, increasing the risks of accidents.

Buy camper leveling pads that are within your allocated spending allowance. However, do not sacrifice quality for the sake of keeping tabs on your strict budget.



Are Jack Pads Necessary for RVs?

RV and camper jack blocks or pads are essential. These products promote different advantages to many RV owners. For instance, top-tier jack pads provide excellent leveling and stability to ensure people, appliances, and other electronics in the vehicle maintain an optimal level and stability.

Buying RV stabilizer jacks can also increase asphalt and concrete protection, particularly from heavy vehicles. Without using a top-tier RV jack pad, the load brought by vehicles like 40,000-pound 5th wheel vehicles can ruin the functional and structural integrity of roads.

How Many RV Jack Pads Do I Need for my RV?

The answer to ‘how many jack pads are needed’ depends on different situations. In some cases, you may only need one RV jack block, particularly if you own a fairly small travel trailer. On the other hand, four to ten pads might be necessary for larger vehicles.

Take note that it can be better to buy more than the intended number of RV stabilizer jacks. That way, you will not be caught in a tough spot if you need to use additional RV leveling pads when certain scenarios appear.

You may also buy RV jack pads with interlocking designs. These models improve security and stability when attached to strategic places.

What is the Max Weight Capacity of RV Jack Pad?

The answer to this question depends on the stabilizer jack pads and the rig you are using. Generally, the higher the RV stabilizing pads’ quality, the more weight they can handle.

Still, you can expect a high-quality RV leveling jack pad to have a higher load capacity rating than a low-quality counterpart. Also, do not risk making DIY RV jack pads, particularly if you do not know the maximum load limit for the materials used in leveling your rig.

How Do You Use an RV Jack Pad?

Using relatively any RV leveling jack should be used properly. Otherwise, the risks of RV leveler pads cracking or breaking under a rig’s heft will be higher than average.

Here are some quick tips to ensure you are using stabilizer pads for RV correctly:

  • It is easier to level a rig using a travel trailer tongue jack pad if the parking area is already fairly flat from the beginning.
  • Use RV levels to make adjustments to the alignment whenever necessary.
  • Make sure never to exceed the capacity of your RV stabilizer pads.


Now that you reached the end of this guide, you should now have a better idea of the best RV jack pads on the market. Always keep in mind that you should think about certain factors to gain value from your purchasing decision. Some of the elements to consider are durability, maximum load limit, and product price.

Still, if you want to go with my suggestion, opt to buy the RoadWarrior ‎RW12-2 RV Jack Pad. Although this product is quite expensive, its sufficiently lightweight construction makes it easy to install and store. Plus, many other jack pads on the market have difficulty catching up to this unit’s maximum load-bearing capacity.

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