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How to Measure RV Tire Covers?

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

Learning how to measure for RV tire covers is one of the helpful techniques that will help you maintain the health of your vehicle. As an RV owner, you should know that covers serve as protection for the tires from moisture, wind, UV exposure, and other environmental factors. These are useful when RVs are not used, especially during winter or under maintenance.

In this article, we will show you how to measure the right cover for your RV tires.

Table of Contents

Items Needed

  • Measuring tape/stick – These measuring tools will be used to determine the diameter and circumference of your tires. Make sure the scale of your tools is proportional to that of your RV tools.
  • Blocks – These materials serve as a platform for the tires to inhibit moisture absorption in the process. These will make sure accurate measurements are acquired in the process.
  • Lifting System – This is an external system that will help elevate your tires onto the platform. This includes a set of tools to make the lifting process easy and manageable.
  • Pen and Paper – These materials will make sure all the measurements and dimensions are recorded for easier referencing of the cover after.

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Prepare All of the Required Measurements

Determine the parts of the RV tire that needs to be measured. This step will help you get the important dimensions if you want to purchase or make your own cover.

You can use this RV Size Chart by HannaRV as a guide for different covers sold:


2. Take Note of the Manufacturer Details

The details you should take note of are the tire diameter sizes and cover sizes. With these data, you’ll be able to estimate your tire size and the covers fit for them. Take note that the table entailed different tire sizes suitable for a specific cover. You should also get familiar with the outer and inner diameter, width, and circumference dimensions.

3. Use the Blocks

Lay down the blocks on the spaces next to the tires.

4. Pull the Vehicle

After putting the blocks in place, use an external system to pull the vehicle and make sure that the tires are on top of the blocks already.

5. Secure the Wheels

Using your tools, secure the position of the wheels such that they will not swing back and forth.

6. Elevate the Wheels.

Use tools to elevate the wheels at the desired height. Maintaining a headspace between the tires and the ground will make the covering of tires easier, especially at the portion near the ground.

7. Measurement Each of the Tire’s Diameter

Get a measuring tape or stick and measure the diameter of the tire. This means placing your stick parallel to the cross-section of the tire. You can determine the diameter vertically or horizontally. The same measurements are estimated. Jot down the dimension in a piece of paper.


8. Measure the Center Hub’s Diameter

This will be the opening behind the wheel which allows the axle entrance behind. Make sure the cover you have can accommodate the center hub dimension as well. Write down the center hub dimension.

how-to-measure-for-rv-tire-covers-step-29. Measure the Width of the Tire

A measuring tape will be a more accurate tool to determine this dimension to account for the curvatures. Record the width of the tire.

how-to-measure-for-rv-tire-covers-step-310. Measure the Circumference of the Tire

Take the tape all around the tire cross-section. You can set distances from the ground where the measurement ends. Record the new dimensions again on the paper.

how-to-measure-for-rv-tire-covers-step-411. Summarize the Dimensions

By now, you should be able to come up with the dimensions. This will make visualization easier to understand.

how-to-measure-for-rv-tire-covers-step-512. Refer to the chart

Go back to the manufacturer chart and compare the sizes with the available RV tire covers.

Final Word

Putting up covers on your RV tire is one of the easy ways to take care of your vehicles. RV tire covers are available in the market as protection from environmental factors upon storage, especially during winter or hot tropical days. In order to find the most suitable cover for your RV tires, knowing how to measure your tires is always recommended.

For more clarifications about the steps, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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