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The Best Black Streak Removers for Your RV, Camper & Boat

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

Black streaks are formed down the sides of the RV when rainwater washes dirt and debris gutters down. These hideous stains are hard on the eyes, but fortunately, it is now possible to erase them using the best black streak remover.

best black streak remover

Not all RV owners know about cleaning products dedicated to removing black streaks on RVs, so they use regular ones. The good news is that there are several products to choose from, but each one will have its pros and cons.

This article provides everything you need to know to make an informed decision when shopping for an RV black streak remover. With all the information here, you have an assurance that you will not be wasting your time and money on an inferior product.

Table of Contents

Best Black Streak Remover Reviews

1. Bio-Kleen M00509 Black Streak Remover

With the Bio-Kleen M000509 black streak remover, stubborn stains on my RV side are no longer as headache-inducing. This commercial-grade product made short work of the black streaks on my RV that has been there for years, restoring the look of its paint.

This camper cleaner black streak remover is also quite convenient to use. It is not a black streak remover within an RV wash, so you will use it rather concentrated.

The only thing to do is spray this product onto the affected surface. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe off the suds. You do not need to do any scrubbing or rinsing. I did not even need to wash my entire RV before using this; just the stained part will require cleaning.

Another reason why I like this product is that it can do more than removing black streaks from RV. Other problems that I always run into when taking my RV on trips include oil stains, bug splatters, and tree sap, to name a few.

I am happy that the product could deal with all that, particularly the stains that regular car wash products cannot get rid of. It made my RV look many years younger.

It is also nice that this product is compatible with different material surfaces. Black streaks can happen on any surface, so having a black streak remover can only work on just one surface will only be a waste. Luckily, this product from Bio-Kleen is safe to use on most surfaces.

I discovered that it was more effective when used during the summer when the surface that needs cleaning is warm. I found it not so effective when used during the cold season.
What We Like
  • Works more effectively against black streaks than regular soap
  • Convenient to use – does not require scrubbing and rinsing.
  • Lowers the risk of surface damage, like swirl marks
  • Handles nearly all the tough stains
  • Safe to use on many different surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not work that well when the weather is cold
Although it will only work well during the warmer times of the year, just the fact that it can effectively remove black streaks and other kinds of stains is already an impressive feat.

2. Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover

Black streaks are among the hardest to remove stains on an RV, but such a task is now a breeze with the Star Brite instant black streak remover.

One important characteristic that I am always looking for when shopping for black streak remover for trailers is whether it is safe to use on all kinds of materials. My RV’s exterior contains a combination of fiberglass, painted steel, and aluminum trim. I am happy to say that all these materials are fine after I used this product.

Unless I want to polish the clear coat of my RV, I will not be using a product that is too abrasive that it might strip off the existing wax coating, leaving me with no other choice but to reapply another coat. The StarBrite black streak remover might be tough on stains and dirt, but it does nothing to the wax coating. It moisturizes it even more, further boosting its durability.

Another benefit of using StarBrite is the fact that it is convenient to use. This product is a black streak remover and a great one at that. The best part is that it requires no scrubbing and rinsing. Put some of this product into a refillable water spray bottle, spray it on, leave it for a couple of minutes. And then you can wipe it off. You do not have to scrub or rinse it.

However, you need to reapply this product several times, especially if you are dealing with old and crusty stains. A couple of spots on my RV needed several applications before the streaks completely went away.
What We Like
  • Effective in removing black streaks caused by water runoff
  • Safe to use on different surfaces without compromising effectiveness
  • Non-abrasive and does not contain petroleum distillates
  • Convenient to use – spray it on and wipe it off
  • Will not remove the existing wax on the RV
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires a second or third application for tough stains
Even though this product is not quite as potent as the other black streak removers, it is still one excellent solution if you are searching for the best RV wash to remove black streaks that you can buy.

3. Camco 41008 Black Streak Remover

Camco has always been one of the brands that RV owners like me can trust. Their Camco 41009 Pro-Strength black streak remover is just another example of why this brand has such an esteemed reputation. This product eliminates stubborn black streaks and can also handle other types of stains that soap and water cannot wash away.

As the name implies, this RV cleaner black streak remover is professional-strength. It means that it is very potent, so one must be extra careful when applying it on the RV surface. However, it also means that it will require very little to no scrubbing at all. Just spray the black streak remover over the problematic area, let it sit for no more than thirty seconds, and then wipe it off using a soft microfiber brush.

Even though it is pretty strong stuff, the Camco black streak remover is still safe to use on many different surfaces. However, I discovered that it could cause some damage to rubber surfaces. So I do not recommend using it on windows with rubber seal gaskets or rubber roofs. On the other hand, if you plan to clean hard and non-porous surfaces, it will work just fine.

Another remarkable thing about the product is that it is affordable. Compared to other similar products, the Camco black streak remover has a lower price tag without compromising its efficacy. This product might be half the price of other brands, but it is no slouch for cleaning tough stains.
What We Like
  • Can remove black streaks, road tar, bug splatters, and other tough stains
  • Ideal for use as a heavy-duty degreaser for engine bays
  • Uses professional-strength formulation requiring little to no scrubbing
  • Safe to use on different materials
  • Affordable without compromising quality
What We Don’t Like
  • Not meant to get in contact with rubber
This product is excellent in terms of quality and effectiveness. Just make sure to be extra careful when applying it if your RV has some rubber material on it.

4. Thetford 96015 RV Black Streak Remover

I was amazed when I first used the Thetford 96015 black streak remover because it removed the black streaks on my RV on the first application completely. Other than that, it eliminated caked-on bug splatters on the grill and front panels of the RV and road tar along the bottom.

Even though this product is tough on stains, it will not harm the finish on any material. I succeeded using the Thetford black streak remover on many different exterior surfaces, like painted aluminum, bare aluminum (although you need to rinse it off immediately), and gel coats. This cleaner will only work on the topmost layer, where the stain is, and will not have any adverse effect on the layers beneath.

It is also not like other black streak removers that must not come in contact with rubber and plastic. So, vinyl decals and bumper stickers are also safe from harm.

I highly appreciate that this product is readily biodegradable. It is important to me not to cause any further harm to the environment. Many RV owners love the Thetford black streak remover so much as it works well at removing stains and does not harm the environment.

A word of warning is that this black streak remover is alkaline-based. So if you own an RV that is twenty or so years old, it might damage the finish of your vehicle. If you have a rather old RV, it is best to test this product first on a hidden area to see if it causes the finish to be dry and brittle.
What We Like
  • Effectively removes black streaks, baked-on bug splatters, and road tar
  • Safe on different material surfaces like fiberglass, painted aluminum, and gel coats
  • Does not damage the rubber and plastic
  • Completely biodegradable and non-flammable
What We Don’t Like
  • Might cause damage to vintage RVs as it is an alkaline-based cleaner
Only a few products can provide the same quality of cleaning that Thetford 96015 Premium black streak remover offers, especially at its low price point. The affordable nature of this black streak remover, combined with its affordability, makes it worthwhile to try.

5. B.E.S.T. 50128 Black Streak Remover

Just like the brand name states, this reliable black streak remover is one of the best options to remove tough dirt and stains on your RV.

This stuff is very potent. Just spray it on the problem area, let it sit for a couple of seconds, and then wipe it off. It is that simple to make black streaks go away. Aside from black streaks, you can also use this product on other tough stains.

One advantage of this product is that it also gets rid of stains and other dirt around your household. I used this product on various spots of my house with great success, like cleaning the outside of the gutters and removing the side walls’ water stains.

I also used it to clean and refurbish my moldy lawn and patio furniture completely. With this product’s help, the areas are no longer green and icky as they finally regained their original white color.

Best of all, you do not have to be extremely careful where you spray this stuff as it will not damage rubber windows and door seals, unlike other cleaning products. It just makes deep cleaning my RV go much faster as I can spray away without aiming at all.

I decided to clean the vinyl stripe on my RV with caution and did not let this black streak remover sit too long on the decals. I immediately rinsed it off after ten or so seconds.

I discovered while using this stuff that it is strong enough to eat through the clear and paint of your RV if you let it sit on the surface long enough. It would be best for you to have your garden hose or a bucket of water and a sponge handy when using this product.
What We Like
  • Potent as it requires little to no scrubbing
  • Highly versatile – useful on almost all material surfaces
  • Does not cause damage to vinyl decals
  • Safe to use around your household
  • Can also remove mold and mildew and keep them away for good
What We Don’t Like
  • Might eat through the clear and paint
Although it is safe for painted surfaces, avoid making this stuff stand too long as it will eat through the clear and paint. Also, note that you can prevent this cleaner from eating through paint just by splashing the area with water to neutralize the cleaner

6. Thetford Corp 54128 Black Streak Cleaner

I am always looking for good deals. So when I discovered that this concentrated product from Thetford could create four gallons of potent black streak remover, I was intrigued. If you have a project car or RV that you have been working on for years, you can save a lot of money just on stain remover alone.

I am also glad to say that using this product saves money and time because it does not require rinsing at all. You load this cleaning product into a spray bottle and apply it directly to the stained panel (after cleaning it, of course). Wait for around 10 to 30 seconds, then wipe it off using a soft rag or a microfiber towel.

Just because it is economical does not mean that it is not as effective as the more expensive agents. In truth, it is a heavy-duty cleaner that can handle the tough dirt and stains even when diluted.

Although the label states that it is a black streak remover, this cleaning product can also eliminate other tough stains such as oil stains, bug carcasses, tree sap, and even mold and mildew.

Sometimes, I still need to put a bit of effort into scrubbing and reapplying the stuff when dealing with deep-seated stains.
What We Like
  • Economical – 1-gallon concentrate makes 4 gallons of cleaning solution
  • The extra heavy-duty formulation as it can deal with tough stains and dirt
  • Safe to use at full-strength without damaging the surface
  • Convenient to use as it does not require rinsing
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs a bit more elbow grease for tough stains
This product is a good purchase if you think of detailing an old recreational vehicle because you will get quite a lot of this effective cleaning agent in just one package.

7. 3M Marine Black Streak Remover

I have always been a fan of 3M products, and luckily, their 3M Marine black streak remover does not disappoint.

This cleaner is so potent that it only needs a couple of seconds of direct contact with the stain to lift it off the surface. You might need to reapply one or two times more for tough stains, but it will altogether remove the stain traces.

Even though this black streak remover for boats is tough on stains, it is relatively safe to apply on other RV surface materials such as bare metal, painted surfaces, gel coating, and even fiberglass. You do not have to worry about this product damaging the finish of your RV. Just make sure you do not let it sit too long on the surface and that you wipe it off completely.

As mentioned earlier, it is so easy to use that it will save you a lot of time. Unlike other products that need a lot of surface preparation before application, you only need to regularly clean your RV. You can then apply it to the stained portions. Just spray the stuff on the stains, sit and marinate for around 30 seconds, and then wipe it off completely.

What I like the most about this cleaner is that it contains no abrasive compounds. Such substances usually leave nasty scratches and swirl marks on top of the clear coat. This product cleans effectively, yet gently that there is no need to polish the portion afterward. Besides, it will not even strip the existing wax coating.

The only issue that I have with it is that the pump spray is often leaking. If you accidentally tip the bottle over, the contents will start to seep out of the pump handle. I strongly advise replacing the pump with a cap when storing any leftover cleaning product to minimize loss due to evaporation.
What We Like
  • The fast-acting formula making short work of tough stains and dirt
  • Safe to use on fiberglass, bare metal, and painted metal surfaces
  • Easy and quick to use – spray it on and wipe it off
  • No abrasive compounds to leave nasty scratches and swirl
What We Don’t Like
  • The pump leaks, so replace it with a cap when storing.
3M lived up to its reputation with this product. Aside from effectively removing tough stains, it does not cause harm to the finish at all.

8. Mothers 91624 Black Streak Remover

Mother’s has always been one of my go-to brands for automotive cleaners and polishes. And their black streak remover gives justice to the brand name.

Even though it is a black streak remover, it can also handle other types of stains, like hard water stains, tree sap, and oil stains, adding to his versatile applications.

Although this cleaner is mainly for fiberglass, it also works wonders on painted surfaces, gel coats, and even bare metal. Unlike other black streak cleaners, it will not damage other surfaces if you accidentally apply it on them.

Notably, this black stain remover does not require any rinsing whatsoever. It is not like other black streak removers that you need to douse with water to neutralize the cleanser. You just need to wipe the suds off after 10 seconds or so using a microfiber towel, and you are done. It means you will not be risking doing any damage on the finish of the RV; no scratches, nor swirl marks, and no hazy portions.

Best of all, this product is brought to you at an affordable price. And I find its smell rather pleasant, compared to many cleaning agents I have tried.

Still, you will need to scrub a little when it comes to stubborn stains on the side of your RV.
What We Like
  • Formulated for removing black streaks and other stains
  • Works well on gel coating, bare and painted metal, and fiberglass
  • Convenient to use; no rinsing required
  • Has a pleasant smell
  • Comes at an affordable price
What We Don’t Like
  • Might require scrubbing on harsh stains
Even though this product is mainly for fiberglass surfaces, it still does a fine job cleaning metal and other non-porous RV surfaces, so it is a good buy anyway.

9. Korkay Awning Black Streak Remover

The good news is that Korkay has a product that combines black streak remover and awning cleaner in one. It means you can clean any stain between black streaks and mold and mildew stains on your awning.

Speaking of mold and mildew, they can be difficult to remove just by using soap and water alone. Fortunately, Korkay specifically formulated their cleaning product to kill and remove mold and mildew without using acidic materials such as bleach or acids. I used this product on all kinds of surfaces, and it did not harm them in any way at all.

Speaking of potency, most stains will not even require scrubbing when you use this cleaning product. For instance, I used this mildew remover at full strength on my awnings, and I just let it sit for less than a minute. I then used a brush and was surprised to find that almost all the mold and mildew stains dissolved and readily came off the surface with minimal effort.

The thing that I liked the most about this product is how economical it is. You can dilute this one-gallon container and turn it into four gallons of potent black stain remover. It provides more than enough to clean an entire 40-foot recreational vehicle deeply. And believe me, you will not be using a whole gallon of this stuff unless your RV has black streaks covering it entirely.

If I have to be nitpicky, I would say that the flaw is in the packaging. The gallon bottle uses outdated graphics, and the bottle itself is a bit see-through. It means you have to store it someplace completely dark as sunlight will damage the contents.

Other than that, I am delighted with how this product works, and I positively guarantee it to anyone looking for a powerful RV cleaner.

What We Like
  • Can easily get rid of mold and mildew on awnings
  • No acidic damages on any RV surfaces
  • Can effectively erase stubborn black streaks on the sides of RVs
  • Easy to use and no srubbing required
  • Highly economical – dilute it in water for a regular black stain remover
What We Don’t Like
  • The semi-clear plastic bottle requires to be stored in the dark
In my opinion, the Korkay black streak remover packaging should not prevent you from choosing this powerful product. The contents are more important, and it certainly does not disappoint.

10. RVTECH RV Black Streak Remover

In the market, very few similar products can come close to the performance of RVTech instant black streak remover. It can easily remove troublesome black streaks in less than a minute.

Moreover, you can also use it to clean other areas as well. I discovered that it also works surprisingly well against mold and mildew on my vinyl awning. That spares me the trouble of purchasing different cleaning agents for such parts.

I am happy to know that this one is surprisingly gentle on the material surface. It is indeed safe to use on fiberglass, aluminum, even gel coats and vinyl decals. Not having to worry about where this cleanser goes is such a relief because it significantly cuts your time cleaning your RV.

It is also very convenient because it already comes ready to use straight out of the bottle. There is no need for you to dilute it. Just transfer some of the contents into a spray bottle, shake it slightly, and then spray the cleaner over the problem area.

To make things even more appealing, this product is so efficient at cleaning. You do not even need to scrub most of the time. Just let the cleaning product sit on the stain for a couple of seconds, and it will do most of the work for you. All you must do is wipe it off the surface.

Now here is the kicker, this product is a bit of the expensive side. It means that if you have a large RV, like say a 40-footer, you would need four gallons.
What We Like
  • Acts on black streaks and other kinds of stains and dirt
  • Professional formula and ready to use; no dilution necessary
  • Does not require scrubbing
  • Safe to use on fiberglass, painted aluminum, bare aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and more
What We Don’t Like
  • A high-priced remover
Although this product is a bit pricey, it is undeniable that it is also one of the most effective black streak removers you can buy right now.

11. Better Boat Black Streak Remover

The reason why tough dirt and stains are hard to remove is that it has oil covering them. Luckily, the Better Boat clear is a degreaser and also a great cleaning product to handle those. As it is made in the USA, we can rest assured about its quality.

A degreaser has strong surfactants that remove the surface tension in water, thus allowing it to get underneath deep-seated dirt and then lift them off the surface.If you have particularly tough dirt and grime that you need to get rid of quickly, then this product is for you.

When it comes to black streaks and other tough stains, you can also trust Better Boat degreaser and black streak remover. After just a few seconds of this product getting in contact with the stained part, most of the dirt will have already dissolved. It can lift it off the surface of the RV’s finish. Notably, this cleaner usually does so without you even needing to scrub.

Although this black streak remover is efficient at what it does, it is still quite gentle on the surface that it cleans regardless of the material. Be it bare aluminum, painted aluminum, gel coat, and fiberglass, this one can handle all without leaving damages. You can even wash over vinyl decals without worrying about them fading at all.

The best part about using this cleaning product is that it leaves behind a high-gloss finish that further protects the surface from damage in the future.

This wax coating is hydrophobic, so the water turns into sheets and rolls off the edge. Also, there is nothing where soil and dirt can attach themselves to without any water, so you do not need to wash your RV quite as often.

The only issue that I have with this product is that it is on the expensive side.
What We Like
  • A powerful degreaser cutting through dirty oil, sludge, and tough dirt
  • Can get rid of harsh black streaks and stains
  • Leaves a high-gloss finish to protect against damage and dirt
  • Works on various materials without causing damage
  • Made in the USA so you can be sure of its quality
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit on the expensive side
If you have some room in your budget, I recommend getting this cleaner to ensure effective black streak elimination.

12. PROSOL Bugs N All Vehicle Cleaner

Prosol Bugs n All is one of the most popular vehicle cleaning products available right now. It is a pre-wash, meaning you apply it before giving your RV a good washing down with your choice of car shampoo.

As its name suggests, it excels at dissolving bug splatters. It also removes black streaks, oxidation, rust stains, watermarks, and many other tough stains that you might encounter.

Regarding its use, you can dilute the contents of the container into 8 gallons of all-around stain remover. By that, you will have more than enough heavy-duty cleaner for an entire 40-foot RV. That makes it one of the most cost-effective ones on this list.

Remarkably, this one gallon of concentrate can make up to 8 gallons of cleaning solution because you can use it on other vehicles such as cars, trucks, semis, and more.

Moreover, you will also find it useful for cleaning your home. For instance, you can use it to clean the bathroom and get rid of mold and mildew on the tiles. It is also useful for cleaning plastic outdoor furniture.

Yet, you can use this cleaner at full-strength if you need to treat tough stains.

Best of all, it does not contain any harsh petroleum distillates and bleach, so it is safe to use on almost all kinds of surfaces. It will not also remove the existing wax coating.

Aside from that, it is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to plants and animals. So you do not need to worry about killing the plants and grass on your lawn when you wash your RV.

The only issue I experience with this product is that it dries quickly. And when it does, it can be a bit tricky to buff away.
What We Like
  • Handle tough to clean bug splatter easily
  • For RVs, cars, boats, semis, and more
  • An ideal cleaning agent for your house
  • Does not contain petroleum distillates and bleach
  • Completely biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Highly concentrated and can make 8 gallons of RV bug spatter cleaner
What We Don’t Like
  • Dries quickly and can be tricky to buff away when it does
If you are looking for a single product that can clean all the different kinds of dirt and stains you can find on your RV, consider getting this product. In my opinion, it has the quality that most RV owners are looking for.

Best Black Streak Removers Buying Guide


To find the right black streak remover, you need to keep your eye out for the following qualities:

Versatility – A black streak cleaner is still, in essence, an RV cleaner, so you will need to get a product that can clean all kinds of surfaces, not just one. Many manufacturers do not use just one type of material on their RVs. They use a combination of painted metal surfaces and fiberglass. Some are entirely polished steel.

If you are unsure about the material of your RV, then get a multi-surface cleaner. It also means that you can use the same cleaner on your car, motorcycle, or boat if you have one.

Abrasiveness – What takes black streaks off the camper should also not be so abrasive that it leaves visible scratches on the clear coat surface. These scratches can appear like swirl marks. And sometimes, they can look like a slight haze on the paint job.

A good cleaner should deal with stains and black streaks without resulting too much on physical abrasives. It is also essential to buy a non-abrasive black streak remover RV cleaner, especially if your RV has many decals or a bumper sticker collection going. An abrasive cleaner will cause the vinyl decals and stickers to fade. It may even strip them off the surface.

UV Protection – The RV black streak remover that you get should also leave a protective coating. It will prevent further damage to the clear coat of the paint job. This protective coating should be able to block most, if not all, the sun’s UV rays. It is the reason why RVs left out in the sun have faded and dull paint.

Biodegradable and Non-toxic – Your choice of RV cleaner should be readily biodegradable so that you will not be harming the environment whenever you clean your recreational vehicle. Moreover, choose a non-toxic cleaner, especially if you have pets that might accidentally ingest the runoff. It also means that you do not need to be overly careful where you dispose of the water used for cleaning the RV.

Durability – The durability of a black streak remover pertains to the length of time the protective coating will stay. A good quality cleaner should provide a protective coat that can last for a month at the very least.

Sometimes, the manufacturer will indicate the durability of their product on the label. However, it is best to consult verified customer reviews for honest and unbiased answers.

Safe for Decals and Other Graphics – As mentioned earlier, choosing the wrong kind of black streak remover will most likely damage the vinyl graphics and other stickers you might have on your recreational vehicle. Some RV owners take pride in collecting bumper stickers that came from all the towns and cities that their RV traveled to.

Abrasiveness is just one of the things that you need to keep an eye out for. You also need to check the contents for any harsh chemicals like petroleum distillates as such can thin down the pigments and the adhesives of the decals, making them fade and causing them to peel off the surface.

The protective coating provided by the RV cleaner should also extend to the decals and stickers. The harmful UV rays of the sun can also cause the decals and stickers to fade, so they must get ample protection.

How Many Types of Black Streak Remover for RV Are There?

There are just two types of black streak remover, and you can identify them by their delivery system. Here are these types:

Spray-on – This type of black streak remover is very thin in consistency, so thin that you can use a spray bottle for even distribution over an area. It is excellent for spot cleaning, as you will only be spraying the cleaner over the affected area.

Concentrates –It is a highly concentrated stain remover, so you need to dilute it with water to make it safe to use on RV surfaces. It is like making your own homemade RV black streak remover. However, you can still use it on its full-strength for spot-treating tough stains.

How Do RV Black Streak Removers Work?

Black streak removers are just surface cleaners, but they can get under stains and break them down with the added surfactants. Black streaks are still stains, but they are tougher to deal with.

Aside from surfactants that help break down stains and lift them away from the surface, black streak removers also come with gentle abrasive compounds to scrub the surface clean.

Who Makes The Best Black Streak Remover for RV?

I have been an RV owner for many years, and I discovered that some of the most reliable brands of black streak removers in the market today are Bio-Kleen, Star Brite, Camco, Thetford, BEST, 3M, Mothers, Korkay, RVTECH, Better Boat, and PROSOL.

When you are shopping for black streak removers, you are likely to see these brands. I can assure you that you will find them quite effective at getting rid of black streaks.

How to Remove Black Streaks from RV?

First of all, you will need to get yourself a good quality black streak removing product. Use the guide above to help you pick out the best and so you will know how to get black streaks off the camper.

Once you have your product on hand, you should first try it on the part of your RV that is not that visible, but still has the same finish as the surface you will be cleaning, like somewhere around the bottom. Doing it is necessary for testing if the product will harm the finish before you use it on an entire panel.

If you realize that it is safe to use on your RV, continue applying it according to the directions printed on the packaging.

Care and Maintenance

If you happen to have a lot of black streak remover leftover, just make sure to keep the lid closed tightly. Also, make it a point to store the container somewhere where it does not directly expose sunlight.

When stored properly, black streak remover can last for many years without losing any effectiveness whatsoever.

Other Black Streak Removers We Reviewed

3X: Chemistry 46813 22-oz. Black Streak Cleaner

This product is not just for black streaks but also for all sorts of other stains that you might encounter.

Key Features:

  • Can work on the black streak, oil stains, road grime, bug splatters, and many more
  • Clings onto the surface longer for deeper cleaning and better results
  • Safe to use on different kinds of surfaces

YachtGUARD Marine 32-oz. Black Streak Remover

This product is a convenient, marine-quality black streak remover that will make short work out of even the most difficult stains.

Key Features:

  • No scrubbing required as it is a spray-on and wipe-off formula
  • Can safely work on black streaks on fiberglass camper, painted surfaces, and other types of materials
  • Environmentally safe since it is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to plants and animals

MaryKate Black Streak Remover

Make removing black streaks from your RV an easy task with this product from Mary Kate. It also works on other tough dirt and stains.

Key Features:

  • Spray on and wipe off formulation as it does not require scrubbing
  • Commercial-grade product and can take out the toughest dirt and stains
  • Can work in just seconds – You can expect it to start working the second it touches the surface.


If you do your best to clean your RV, yet you still find those pesky black streaks left on the sides, you probably need to get a product formulated specifically for black streak removal.

Since you have reached the end of this article, it is probably safe to assume that you already know how to shop for the best black streak remover without worrying that you will be wasting a lot of your money.

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