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How to Remove RV Storage Door

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

You might not think RV storage doors are important. However, they are vital in making sure that your personal belongings are safe during travel. One way to ensure that is to know how to remove the RV storage door that needs repair and replacement.

how to remove rv storage door

Do not worry; removing the RV storage door is not as complicated as you think. In fact, you can do it in 3 quick steps. So, shall we begin?

Table of Contents

Things To Know And Prepare


All RVs are equipped with storage. However, they differ in features. Some are manually handled while others are automated or even remotely enabled.

Whatever their mechanisms are, the storage doors are similar in structure. You need to know how to remove an RV’s storage door in case it needs repair or replacement. To prepare you, you must be equipped with the necessary things.


  • Torque Wrench = used for removal of bolts and nuts.
  • Screw Drivers = used for removal of screws, either flat, Philips or Allen
  • Universal Pliers = used for either holding, gripping, and cutting


  • Gloves = for secure handling of tools and objects to be removed.
  • Goggles = for prevention of any eye injuries
  • Parts Storage = for storing and isolating the connectors and other movable objects

Keep in mind that some upgraded features require more procedures such as isolating from electrical controls. Compartments are either made by the manufacturer or customized by the previous user if it is a second-hand vehicle. So, if you cannot handle the repair, replacement, or reinstallation, better have it done on shops specializing in RV maintenance.



Step 1: Familiarize the door’s mechanism

As mentioned, the RV storage door can be either manual or automated. It is essential to learn the mechanism so that the added features will not be damaged upon the removal.

If automated, isolate the electronic components through switching the electricity off. There are also pneumatic components, but it won’t need to be a problem.

Some doors are hinged, and some are sliding. Knowing the different types of door openings is essential in your approach to removal.

Doors with hinges may be the easiest to remove since the connecting bolts or screws are visible and can be comfortably reached. Sliding doors may require a bit of clearance to remove the whole sliding panel. Familiarization of the mechanism can even be viewed as half of the job.

Step 2: Start with the external connectors

Not all storages are of standard sizes. Also, they can be installed by the manufacturer or customizer on locations different from other RVs. You must start from their exterior on towards the inner portions given that you are already familiar with the mechanism.

The doors may have a metal structure connected with the hinge or sliding mechanism. Additionally, the latter can be connected to the electro-pneumatic actuator if they are automated. It is convenient to start the removal where the system begins its operation.


With the use of the right tools, remove the screws, bolts, and nuts carefully and have them segregated on the parts storage. It is suggested to put labels for indicators where and when they are to be attached.

The door locking mechanisms, if they are not damaged, are not to be included in the removal. Once the door is removed, the ‘male part’ of the locking mechanism is usually attached to it. After all the connections are removed, it is time to handle the door panels.

Step 3: Secure the removal

Once you determine that you are about to remove the last set of screws or bolts, prepare the door to be secured so that it will not be dropped to the ground. Aside from that, there are leads and seals attached, so make sure they are not damaged in the process of removal.

Final Thoughts

Removal of RV storage doors can be done quickly with a handyman’s intuition. They are similar to how windows or even house doors operate, so it is unnecessary to learn more skills unless there are technological features involved. In that case, have a professional handle it.

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