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Can You Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV? Things to Know!

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

can you use regular toilet paper in an rv

When people first begin arranging their RVs by themselves, the last thing they want is to overspend their budget. Hence, new RVers tend to utilize items that are available in their houses or cheap appliances that can be found everywhere. One of those examples is toilet paper.

Can you use regular toilet paper in an RV? What is the difference between regular toilet paper and RV-specialized toilet paper? These are all the questions that many RVers need to consider seriously if they are aiming to use regular toilet paper in RV bathrooms.

Even though we do not suggest RV owners choose household toilet tissue for their motorhomes, there are still some exceptions. In this article, we will provide reasons for not using regular toilet paper in RVs and other information about special toilet paper for RV.

Keep reading to learn tips about purchasing affordable RV toilet paper! But first, let’s talk about using household toilet paper in an RV.

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Should RVers Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV?


While some RV owners think it’s okay to choose regular toilet paper for their RV restrooms, we strongly advise you to stay away from these household items and use RV toilet paper instead. Regular toilet tissue can cause serious problems for your RV’s septic system and cost you a fortune to fix it.

The main issue with regular toilet paper if you use it in an RV is the texture. Household toilet tissue is famous for its versatility and fluffy feelings. It is possible to bring household toilet paper everywhere, from using it in public restrooms to wiping out dirty water on tables.

The secret behind the fluffy and flexible texture of regular toilet paper lies in the fact that it is made from many plush layers compressed together, helping people to feel comfortable with their skin. However, this is also the biggest drawback of household toilet paper in an RV.

Having many layers of paper makes it difficult for regular toilet tissue to dissolve in the RV’s septic tank, causing clogs and black tanks. This results in the fact that in the RV, sewage, after being flushed down, will be held in a tank instead of being moved directly to the sewers like the household’s septic system.

Still, there are some exceptions. If your regular toilet paper has a “septic safe” stamp of approval on its packaging, it is possible for you to use it as an alternative to RV toilet tissue. However, remember to assess the product carefully to ensure that it’s safe for your RV.

RV Toilet Paper Vs Regular Toilet Paper: What Are the Differences?


If regular toilet paper is not suitable for the RV, then what will be the best option for toilet tissue in your motorhome? The answer is RV toilet paper.

As you may have noticed in the previous part, there are some remarkable differences between household and RV toilet tissue.

1. Texture

Like we have mentioned in the previous, the texture of RV toilet paper is specially thinner than regular toilet tissue. This particular toilet paper degrades at a faster pace, so RV septic tanks won’t be stuck even if they have to hold an immense amount of toilet paper.

2. Material and comfort

While regular toilet paper is made mainly from plush or other materials that focus more on the comfort of the consumer, RV toilet tissue uses thin materials and fast-dissolving chemical components, since it’s more important for this type to disintegrate quickly, avoiding messy clogs.

Therefore, since RV toilet paper does not use soft and fluffy material, it will not be as comfortable to use and is normally more coarse than household toilet tissue.

3. Cost

RV toilet paper and septic-safe toilet paper use special chemicals to improve their dissolving speed, so they are more expensive than conventional toilet paper.

Potential RV Safe Toilet Paper Alternatives


While you now have a proper understanding of RV safe toilet paper and regular toilet tissue, some of you may decide to choose the former for your motorhome’s restrooms. Hence, here are some potential options that we think will be suitable for your RV.

1. Scott 1000 septic safe toilet paper

Scott toilet tissue is popular in the RV world for its rapid breakdown. Because it is single-ply and has 1000 sheets per roll, you will not need to replace the rolls so frequently.

Most significantly, it is suitable for use in your black tank. This septic safe toilet paper option is available in a range of package sizes to meet the requirements of your crew. It also has the ECOLOGO, indicating that it is environmentally friendly.

2. Seventh Generation septic safe toilet paper

Even among individuals who do not own RVs, Seventh Generation is a well-known manufacturer. The company is well-known for its environmentally friendly goods, which appeals to many of us. They claim to utilize 100 percent recycled material on a 2-ply paper roll, which won’t make you feel cheap.

How to Perform a Toilet Paper Septic-safe Test?

If you still wish to stick with regular toilet paper to save some money, assessing the dissolving speed of the product will be the task that you need to do. Here, we have a method for you to examine the dissolving ability of your household toilet tissue. Follow these steps below to finish the experiment!

  • Step 1: Fill a jar with water, then put in a couple of squares of paper. After that, cover the jar with its lid.
  • Step 2: Shake the jar a few times after sealing it securely.
  • Step 3: Observe the jar and pieces of paper.

If the bath tissue dissolves readily, it should be safe for a conventional RV septic tank. Otherwise, you will have to purchase another type of toilet paper that is more suitable for your RV sewage system.


Even though regular toilet paper brings a lot of comfort, it may not be appropriate to use it in the RV due to its slow dissolving speed. Septic safe toilet paper or RV safe toilet tissue will be better options.

Still, by examining your household toilet paper for the “septic-safe” stamp or using the technique we have demonstrated, you might be able to save some money from buying expensive RV toilet tissue!

We hope that this post on can you use regular toilet paper in an RV was helpful to your experience with the RV! Did you enjoy the article? Do you want to add anything else? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

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