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The Best RV Stereos With High Quality Sound

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney


In the past years, more people have wanted to live small and travel across the country. That’s why recreational vehicles or RVs are becoming more popular as the years’ pass.

An RV can give you a fully-functional home while traveling on the road. It has been a popular choice for wanderlust people who love to discover new places.

One of the things that serve as entertainment for RV owners is the RV sound system. Most campers come with a built-in stereo to enjoy music and movies while on the road. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality sound system for RV, which can last for quite some time.

When buying the stereo for your camper, there are a few things that you should consider first. These factors can easily help you determine which RV stereo fits your rig the best. Check out the following criteria below.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity and Available Ports – One of the important features that you should check with RV audio systems is their connectivity options. Most stereos nowadays can connect through Bluetooth. Some RV stereos come with USB or HDMI Input. So consider all of your options and check for these features.
  • User-friendly Design – Another feature that you should consider is how user-friendly your device is. They may include LCD Display and detailed manuals that can guide you using the RV stereo with ease.
  • Price – You should always take note of a product’s price. Set a limit to your budget and figure out which products are the right fit for that limit while giving you the best audio quality that you can get.

To properly guide you in finding the top-rated RV stereo systems, we prepared a list of the best RV stereos in the market today. With this list, you’ll be able to assess each one of them and find the RV stereo that fits your criteria the most. Without further ado, here are the most trusted RV stereo products.

Table of Contents

List of the 10 Top-tier RV Stereo Reviews

1. iRV Technology iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo

Rig owners who want nothing but the best of the best should buy this amazing device from iRV Technology. The iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo is the perfect RV radio replacement for any rig.

When it comes to ease of use, this device is the best RV stereo system out there. Using it is so easy that even those not that knowledgeable with modern technology can easily operate it. This device also can be controlled through a mobile app.

I can connect almost any device to my RV stereo. It is indeed an excellent RV stereo with blu-ray DVD video player and an HDMI video output to connect video game consoles. It also has a USB input to charge my gadgets anytime I want or play music directly from a flash drive.

With this stereo installed in a rig, owners won’t have a problem since they will hear music anywhere they are because of its 3 speaker zones model. The one-year warranty also helps assure buyers that their purchase is safe. For those planning to replace or upgrade their old RV stereo, this device is a great fit for replacement.

If there is anything that may push someone not to buy this product is its price tag. Since iRV is a very well-known brand for RV stereos, their products are usually more expensive than other stereos.
What We Like
  • User friendly with easy access control panels
  • Allows operation with a mobile app
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • 3 zone speaker configuration
  • Compatible replacement to standard RV stereo
  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth technology and HDMI inpu
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit pricey compared to other RV stereos.
Overall, I am positive that this 3 zone RV stereo is a must-buy for any RV owner looking for a high-quality device for their rig. The price is just right since it comes with all these incredible features.

2. Jensen Bluetooth Wall Mount JWM60A RV Stereo

Next up on our list is the Jensen JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo. This product is considered one of the top-rated camper stereo systems on the market today.

This product is the perfect fit for any spot in an RV because of its slim design. Installing this device won’t be a problem as long as all parts are kept together. Because of its sleek design, this stereo easily blends into my RV and holds aesthetic purposes.

Another thing that I like about this stereo is how simple it is to operate. It can easily detect Android and iOs Bluetooth. Jensen also boasts of its signature control app, a mobile application used by rig owners to control and operate their RV stereo.

Long rides can be draining, not only for me but for my gadgets too. To continue ensuring that my gadgets must stay charged, especially when needed for emergencies. Luckily, this device has a USB Input where I can connect my phone and let it charge. The USB Input can also be used for streaming audio directly from a drive.

Rig owners who love watching DVDs or listening to music from a CD might experience some difficulties as most reports say that the DVD player usually malfunctions easily. Just make sure to do proper maintenance now and then so that their device will work perfectly.
What We Like
  • Very easy to use and operate
  • A sleek design for aesthetic purpose
  • Can connect to Android and iOs Bluetooth technology
  • USB Input is available for charging while on the road
  • Slim profile design that fits anywhere
What We Don’t Like
  • The DVD player might not function well
This device is a fantastic product for anyone who likes audio streaming on a device that’s easy to operate. Its slim profile is something that rig owners will definitely like.

3. iRV Technology 3 Zone Wall Mount iRV66 RV Stereo

The iRV66 3-zone Wall Mount RV Stereo is undoubtedly the top-tier RV stereo that I’ve used. This iRV stereo is an excellent camper radio replacement for any rig that needs an upgrade.

I can see this product within the best of the best in terms of RV stereo. It has three HDMI outputs and three HDMI inputs, making it stand out from other products of the same type. Rig owners won’t have any problems connecting a compatible appliance like a computer or gaming console.

This device is so incredible that it can play any file or video formats compatible with such as MP3, MP4, or even JPEG audio files.

The device also has a special DVD player where I can watch movies. Its compatibility feature is impressive enough when compared to other stereos.

Finding ways to play more music on my rig’s stereo is now made easier because this product utilizes Bluetooth technology. All I need to do is connect my device to the stereo’s Bluetooth, and I’ll be able to play music to my heart’s content.

If all of that is not enough, this device also has a USB Input. I can directly play any song from a flash drive and charge my device when necessary with this feature.

I like this RV stereo from iRV.

However, if buyers are not skilled in assembling and installing this device, they would need a professional’s help. It may cause some problems with RV owners who want to save money since it will be an additional cost to the not-so-cheap price of this product.
What We Like
  • Three HDMI outputs and three HDMI inputs
  • Connects with appliance like a computer or gaming console
  • Compatible with MP3, MP4, JPEG audio files
  • Has an USB Input
  • Bluetooth technology equipped for playing music
What We Don’t Like
  • Complicated installation process
In my opinion, it is a great buy offering almost everything I need in a single device. The installation process can be quite complicated, but rig owners get a professional to install it.

4. Jensen Bluetooth AWM968 RV Stereo

Jensen is back on our list with the AWM968 Bluetooth RV Stereo. It’s a great bargain for RV owners as it ticks off a lot of criteria on everyone’s list.

I appreciate this device’s unique last track memory feature because not all RV stereos have this. With this, I can pick up playing music from where I left off the last time. It’s a great feature for someone who has a quick errand to do but still wants to enjoy the music.

Another feature I like is the blue backlight. Although it may seem irrelevant during the day, it’s very helpful at night. I don’t need to keep guessing which buttons I am pushing due to the illumination.

Playing music won’t be an issue since there are many ways to connect a device and play music. There are RV entertainment system HDMI and USB ports available to connect any compatible device directly.

It has Bluetooth technology so that I can wirelessly connect to my phone anytime. The wide range of file or video formats compatible with this stereo is no joke, so I can enjoy playing multiple file-formats with no problems.

This device even has a CD and DVD player that’s perfect for those who love the classics. However, the device’s DVD player may start having some malfunctioning issues at some point, so be prepared for that.
What We Like
  • The last track memory will pick up from where we left off
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless connections
  • USB and HDMI ports are available
  • Compatible with different file formats
  • Blue backlight for better use during the night
What We Don’t Like
  • The DVD player might break down sooner than expected
In general, for those planning to get the most out of their budget, this product is an excellent choice since it’s less expensive than iRV stereos but can still do most functions.

5. BOSS Audio RV DVD BV6658B Stereo Player

For rig owners looking for the replacement for their 2-zone RV stereo, then the BOSS Audio BV6658B RV DVD Stereo Player is a great pick.

Most RV stereos are in the higher price range, but this one is affordable for everyone. But even with its low price, there are many features that rig owners will love because they won’t be expecting it from a product this inexpensive.

Just like other high-quality stereos, this device can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth. It also has a USB port for playing something directly from a flash drive or connecting my phone to charge.

It’s a 2-zone speaker that gives me optimal space to install it while also giving me an option on where I want to play my music. Having this type of speaker zones can help spread top-tier sound quality evenly throughout my camper.

I am also intrigued that this product has a 3-year warranty, the most extended warranty on our list by far. This policy will assure any buyer that they got their money’s worth with this RV stereo.

It’s a shame that this stereo can only play MP3 or WMA files. For other files such as MP4 music or JPEG files, it would need a different RV stereo
What We Like
  • USB Port is available for charging phones or playing music
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology for convenient use
  • 2 zone RV stereo speaker
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty that ensures long-lasting use
  • An affordable choice for every rig owner
What We Don’t Like
  • Can only play music with MP3 or WMA file format
This device, for me, is an incredible product to consider since it’s affordable yet multipurpose. It’s also a big plus that it comes with a 3-year warranty!

6. Magnadyne Wall Mount Multimedia Receiver RV6200

The Magnadyne RV6200 Wall Mount Multimedia Receiver is another good pick for RV owners working on a strict budget. It’s considered the best among all 12v RV entertainment systems.

This product works as a fantastic RV stereo receiver replacement for any trailer. With unique backlight illumination, rig owners won’t ever have a hard time operating this audio system, even in the dark.

I am obsessed with the fact that this camper radio DVD player can work without batteries. Just connect it to a 12v power source to use it for as long as possible. Since it’s hardwired, it is also effortless to install with a detailed set of instructions to help buyers.

It’s also amazing how I could get a lot of functions for such a low price. With this device in my rig, users can have an alarm clock, an AM/ FM radio, a CD/ DVD player, and a stereo that can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. This product is a great bargain that I’m pleased to have.

The only downside to this product is that it won’t work with batteries. If our 12v power source drains out, we would have to wait until it gets replaced before we’ll have your RV stereo working again.
What We Like
  • Lower price tag than other products
  • Easy to install with detailed instructions
  • Backlight illumination for any time use
  • 12v energy power source for energy conservation
  • Many advanced features such as an alarm clock and AM/FM Radio
What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t operate on batteries
I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to save money and energy since it can directly be connected to the RV’s engine. The low-priced device is an all-around product worth considering.

7. Jensen RV Navigation System JRV9000R

Another superb Jensen product on the list is the 9000R RV Navigation System. With user-friendly features and a noteworthy navigation system, this device is a fantastic camper sound system.

Unlike most audio systems in this list, this model has a 6.2-inch high-glass touchscreen and RBG colorful LED backlight. With these helpful features, this stereo is very user-friendly since I don’t need complicated buttons anymore. Also, I’ll be able to operate it correctly even if it’s dark out.

I also love how it’s a very multipurpose stereo with lots of functionalities. This product is an RV DVD stereo combo with Bluetooth technology that gives me many options on what I want to play. It can also function as an AM/ FM radio with HDMI Input to easily connect computers or consoles.

Furthermore, this device has a built-in navigation system so I can travel freely without any problems and get to any destination in no time.

Furthermore, it allows up to 2 camera inputs, offering the best sound quality 10Band EQ with the customized setting of jazz, techno, pop, classic, and more.

Some buyers might be a bit taken back by its higher price tag. However, I can fully understand that it was because of the touchscreen feature. Considering all the amazing functionalities that this stereo has, I can say that it is well worth it for its price.
What We Like
  • User-friendly with a 6.2-inch high-glass touch screen
  • Has RBG colorful LED backlight for use at night
  • Works as an AM/ FM radio with HDMI Input to connect computers or consoles
  • Built-in navigation system with easy use
  • Best sound quality 10Band EQ with customized settings of jazz, techno, …
What We Don’t Like
  • Higher price tag than other products
I think that this product is an excellent option even with its higher price tag. The built-in navigation system was the real deal maker for me.

8. Furrion Two-Zone Independent RV Stereo 120W

One outstanding choice in the list of reliable RV stereos is the Furrion 120W Two-Zone Independent RV Stereo. Anyone looking for a Furrion RV stereo Bluetooth and app-controlled device, this is the one is a good choice.

I love this audio system because it is compatible with almost all types of music formats such as MP3, MP4, AVI, and WMA. Because of its compatibility features, this device is considered top-tier since not all RV stereos can play different file formats.

Another great feature is its connectivity options. I can play any music through any device with the Bluetooth connection function. Furrion also boasts of its own “Furrion ES Control” mobile app, which can connect and control the stereo through our mobile phone by its app.

Over the years, Furrion has created durable products to date, and this device is no exception. Made with Furrion’s ClimateSmart, SignalSmart, and VibrationSmart Technology, this stereo is made to take the ruggedness of a camper’s environment.

This device also has a USB Port and a DVD/CD player. The USB port is for directly playing music from a flash drive. It is used to charge my phone’s battery.

Built-in with the stereo, the cooling fans are there to ensure that the device doesn’t overheat. But there are times when I would find the noise from the fans to a bit loud.
What We Like
  • Has USB Input and a DVD/CD player
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth technology and Furrion mobile app
  • Compatible with various music formats: MP3, MP4, AVI, and WMA
  • Made with Furrion’s smart technology to ensure durability
What We Don’t Like
  • Cooling fans produce a loud noise
This device is a product that I would recommend to rig owners. I loved the Furrion app, which made this RV stereo easy to use.

9. Pyle Double DIN RV Stereo PLRVST400

The Pyle Double DIN PLRVST400 RV Stereo is one of the most favorite RV surround sound systems, in my opinion. It is an excellent device for an RV entertainment system upgrade with an affordable price tag and an easy-to-install wall mount design.

This model has a 3-zone configuration, which I love because I can control the audio output from the three speakers in my rig. It also supports several file formats such as MP3, MP4, and MP5. I can also connect any device through the AUX IN or the USB Port.

Since this device is a wall mount design, it is effortless to install. I prepared a 7-inch wall opening, inserted the model through, and checked that it was secure in its place.

Notably, the model already has a built-in Bluetooth feature to play any audio file straight from my mobile phone. I can play music with this wireless connection. Besides, the device allows 3.5-mm connectors and a headphone jack. So, connecting with consoles and phones is a breeze.

The LCD on this device is a beneficial feature because we’ll see any information on what’s playing through the stereo. Its digital screen also allows brightness adjustment to our preference. It also comes with a remote so we can control the stereo easily.

One minor warning, though, is the sound volume of this stereo being pretty loud at the default setting.
What We Like
  • 3-zone configuration to control the audio output from three speakers
  • Compatible with file formats such as MP3, MP4, and MP5
  • Connects any device through the AUX IN or the USB Port
  • Allows 3.5-mm connectors and a headphone jack
  • Built-in Bluetooth feature to play any audio file
  • LCD screen displays information and allows brightness setting
What We Don’t Like
  • The default volume produces a loud sound
I can easily say that this RV wall mount stereo system is a functional and user-friendly product. The fantastic features of this device have been proven to be worth it for the price.

10. iRV Technology 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo iRV68

The iRV Technology iRV68 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo is one of the most affordable wall mount stereo systems that money can buy. With this device in your trailer, campers can enjoy nothing but the best audio quality for entertainment.

iRV is known to be a top brand of RV stereos. This product lives up to the expectation with its digital amplifier designed for audio output. It ensures no overheating issue to the mounting cabinet.

I loved the 3-zone speaker configuration in this product because it allowed me to customize how I listen to music through my speakers. It also helped me evenly spread the sound throughout my rig.

This model has an excellent Bluetooth connection feature to play music from any gadget with Bluetooth technology. You can also use the HDMI and USB ports to connect devices and play audio.

Although this product has a slim design, I was surprised by how durable it was. It can withstand any harsh condition, no matter how rocky a path is. I can say that iRV has never made a product that fails quality checks.

An installed iRV stereo in my camper was one of my rig’s best RV sound system choices. I was just slightly disappointed that it doesn’t come with a warranty, but the product can last for a long time.
What We Like
  • Digital amplifier designed for audio output and ensure no overheating issue
  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • Can connect to Bluetooth devices
  • HDMI and USB ports are available
  • The slim yet durable stereo produces high-quality sound
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not come with a warranty
For rig owners who want an RV stereo DVD player combo, this is by far the best option on the list. With iRV’s reputation, rig owners will surely love this product even without a warranty.

11. MB Quart RVM2.0 RV Stereo

The last stereo system on our list is the MB Quart RVM 2.0. This product is one of the top-tier outdoor RV speakers and an excellent travel trailer stereo upgrade option for rig owners who enjoy listening to loud music.

I like how this model is one of the best RV DVD stereo systems to date for watching movies with high-quality sound. Rig owners who require an RV DVD player replacement will love this option because of its built-in DVD player.

I appreciate this device’s compact design. I was able to install it easily because of its meshless structure, and it fits nicely into my tiny space.

Furthermore, it has multiple zones for controlling the audio levels. We can notice everything on display due to the high-contrast and simple screen.

Another impressive feature of this stereo is that its Bluetooth range is up to 30 feet. Besides, it comes with a high-power amplifier with four channels at 40 watts each. Even outside my RV, I can play music and chill out front since the device also has a HEMI command center that produces a loud and quality sound.

All in all, the device seems like a great choice for RV stereo. I only wish that it has a wireless remote control since it doesn’t come with one.
What We Like
  • The Bluetooth range is up to 30 feet
  • Comes with a built-in CD DVD player and multiple zones
  • Meshless, compact design made for a rugged environment
  • High-power amplifier with four channels at 40 watts each
  • HEMI command center that produces a loud and quality sound
  • Multiple zones for controlling the audio levels.
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t have a wireless remote control

In general, this device is a fantastic stereo for people who love listening to music outdoors. It’s also very durable, which can assure a steady working audio system in our trailer.

RV Stereos Buying Guide


Whether it is for an RV stereo replacement or an RV stereo upgrade, you need to make sure that you choose a stereo that best suits your trailer. To help you find the right audio system for your RV, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Different types of RV stereos

There are three types of RV stereos: the Lo-fi, Mid-fi, and Hi-fi RV Stereo Systems. If you want to know what makes each type different, read the following descriptions.

  • Lo-fi RV Stereo System

For rig owners who like an inexpensive option, they should pick a Low-fi RV stereo system. The sound produced by this device has already been altered; that’s why it is low quality. This type of stereo is ideal for smaller vehicles and casual listeners.

  • Mid-fi RV Stereo System

Rig owners who have a medium-sized rig or vehicle should pick a Mid-fi RV stereo system. The only difference it has with a Hi-fi stereo is its frequency which is not a big issue. Plus, it is slightly cheaper than a Hi-fi which makes it a good audio system option.

  • Hi-fi RV Stereo System

For rig owners who like high-quality audio, they should pick a Hi-fi RV stereo system. This type of stereo produces nothing but premium sound and music quality, which rig owners will love. Hi-fi RV stereos are usually more expensive than other types because they can amplify sound from any portable device.

Ease of Use

Most rig owners would want an RV stereo that’s easy to use. It should be easily operated by simple operations and have a touchscreen feature. Don’t get a device with a lot of complicated buttons that will only confuse you.

USB and HDMI Input

In buying a stereo for your camper, another feature you should consider is USB and HDMI Input. This feature will help you play music, watch videos, or easily connect your TV to your stereo. Mention TVs for RVs, we have gathered the list of trusted tv mounts for RV to bring you the best experience.

A USB Port can also give you the ability to charge your devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Because of the innovations made to the audio system, the most favorite RV stereos can now connect to Bluetooth. It is a convenient feature that you should check with any device that you are considering. If your stereo has a Bluetooth feature, you can play music easily without pressing or clicking anything on your device.


Since this is a product that you will install in your RV, you need to make sure that it can withstand the ruggedness of a rig’s environment. Don’t purchase a device that easily breaks, especially when traveling on rocky paths and bumpy roads.

Navigation System

For all vehicles, having a reliable navigation system is the key. This feature allows you to travel lengths without any worries. If you are vying for a product with a navigation system, it’s important to know beforehand that it will cost more.


Another essential feature that you should consider is the size, not only of the stereo but also your rig. There are two types of stereos in size, single and double din, so this should give you enough options for your RV. Also, consider the mounting kit that comes with the product.

CD and DVD compatibility

Over the past few years, stereos with DVD and CD players are mostly overthrown because of the emergence of those who can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth. However, if you love watching or listening to the classics, this feature is another thing to look out for. Some devices do offer Bluetooth connectivity and CD DVD players at the same time.


For any product that you buy, you should always be wary of its price. You should always be certain that you got your money’s worth. Keep in mind that you should always stick to your budget and ensure that you have everything you may need with the single device you bought.


When buying any electronic device, the product must come with a warranty. It ensures replacement if the device malfunctions or breaks easily without any outside factor. Having a warranty also ensures that you got the product that’s worth it for the price you paid.

Frequently Asked Questions


Now that you know the top-rated RV stereo products and which factors to consider when buying one, it’s now time to know the answers to the frequently asked questions for this kind of product.

What are good RV stereo brands?

There have been a lot of excellent RV stereo system brands that produce high-quality audio RV stereo, especially within the past few years. They are iRV, Jensen, BOSS, Magnadyne, Furrion, Pyle, MB Quart, and JBL RV Stereo. Each brand has a lot to offer, so it’s best to check out their products when choosing the right RV stereos.

There are thousands of RV stereo products available in the market today so make sure to look out for the top-tier RV stereos. These brands are already well known for their quality products and excellent customer satisfaction, which is a good start.

Can I use a residential stereo for RVs?

The answer is yes; you can use a residential stereo for your RV. However, there are a lot of things that you should consider with this.

For example, a residential stereo may not be durable enough for an RV, and you will need to consider installation options.

How do you set up an RV stereo?

Setting up a suitable RV stereo system can be done in two ways: all by yourself or with the help of a professional.

If you plan to do it by yourself, just stick to the instructions, and you’ll be able to set it up. Most RVs already have a built-in stereo system, so remove the used RV stereo system first before everything else. The product you’ll receive may come with many small parts, so keep them all together.

If you are not confident that you can set it up by yourself, you can always ask for a professional’s help. Some companies offer installation together with the product for a few extra dollars to have this option for less hassle.

What needs to be done to keep stereos in top shape?

RV stereos will naturally deteriorate over time, which can lead to faulty wirings and malfunctions. There are many ways in which you can keep your stereos working well. Here are some ways to do so.

  • Wipe off the dust from the surface, which may accumulate.
  • Always clean your DVD player since dust can stay on it and cause your DVD to not work.
  • Turn it off when not in use.
  • Do regular maintenance checks to make sure that it’s working well.

What are the benefits of using an RV stereo?

Traveling in your RV is a sweet escape from the stressful reality and just having time to unwind and relax. However, long hours of travel can also seem so tiring. Simple things like listening to music can be a huge help. We came up with some of the benefits of having a quality RV audio system. Check the list down below.

  • Some RV stereos have USB Ports where you can charge your phones and gadgets.
  • RV stereos come in different sizes and colors so you can easily fit in with your interior.
  • Spice up your trips by playing and enjoying music.
  • It is very convenient for rig owners who want to get most of what they can have in a single device as it can offer AM/FM radio, music, and navigation systems.
  • You can customize it according to your preferences.
  • Play movies and enjoy watching videos.
  • You can now enjoy listening to your favorite music with high-quality sound.
  • Most RV stereo systems have multiple music sources so you can enjoy a wide range of variety.


Traveling in your RV for long hours can be tedious. Music, movies, and AM/FM radio sounds can be a big help in easing all that bore away. That’s why it’s important to invest in a reliable RV audio system. Don’t settle for less, and make sure that you got the best buy for your RV.

I hope that this article helped you in finding the best RV stereo for your camper. Leave your thoughts in the comments down below and spread the word with your friends.

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