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The Best RV Levels – The Most Accurate Levels for Your RV

Writen by Tom Hank

Fact checked by Joseph Varney

best rv levels

Many experienced rig owners will stress the importance of using the best RV levels. Using an RV level that offers accurate readings, top-notch durability, and reasonable costs will help bring optimal comfort and security to many RVers.

It is important to take note of the different factors before making your purchase. That way, you can optimize the value brought by the product. Here is a quick preview of those elements that you need to consider:

  • Level type: RV levels tend to come with different features. Some options, such as the cross-check level, will help ensure that your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer is level from front-to-back and side-to-side.
  • Durability: It can be disheartening to use a motorhome level indicator that breaks easily because of significant sun exposure. Make sure to use a model that can withstand different weather, particularly UV exposure.
  • Price: Buy and use the right level that will not break your budget. Still, keep in mind that expensive prices do not always mean that the items have top-notch qualities. It is important to find a balance between features and costs to obtain optimal value from the item.

If you are not in a hurry, take the time to think about your choices before proceeding with your purchase. You may need to ask some seasoned RVers a few times before you can decide on buying a particular RV level.

You can start your search by reading our reviews on the top RV levels gauges we found on the market. Our buying guide should also provide more tips.

Table of Contents

Top 11 RV Level Reviews

1. Camco 25523 Standard RV Levels

I was looking for an RV bubble level on the market with a fairly straightforward design and stumbled upon this model. Despite their simple looks, the two levels in the pack allowed me to level my RV without significant concerns or worries. Therefore, I can say from the start that this product is a beginner-friendly choice.

I also liked that this camper level has two mounting options: screws or adhesives. I tried using the two installation options, and both choices did not give me a difficult time.

On the downside, I found that the adhesive was stuck to the level by default. That means users will have to remove the sticky component first if they want to use screws for installation.

Moving forward, I liked that this model does not have complicated instructions. It is quite simple to use, which many beginners in RVing love. Although it does not have the same level of accuracy as the Camco EZ Level (which has four levels instead of two), the 25523 still does a decent job of providing precise results.

Finally, this product is one of the least expensive choices I found on the market. The price is fairly low, which opened opportunities to make me buy more than a single pack. That way, I can have more products for leveling my rig as opposed to using only two of these top-rated RV levels.
What We Like
  • An option that’s beginner-friendly, thanks to its straightforward design
  • Quick and easy installation with either screws or adhesives
  • Easy to use with fairly accurate results
  • Quite an inexpensive choice for two RV stick-on levels
What We Don’t Like
  • The adhesive came stuck to the level
This model is one of the best, if not the top RV bubble level I found at a fairly low price point. Its straightforward design and construction make it a great buy for beginners and seasoned RVers alike.

2. Hopkins 08525 Graduated RV Level

I encountered different camper bubble levels throughout the years, and have used some models with hard-to-read indicators. I read many Hopkins RV smart level reviews and decided to opt for this model. Thankfully, this product from Hopkins Towing Solutions did not give the same problem I experienced from certain low-quality variants.

Unlike the traditional bubble level, this graduated level does a great job of providing users with accurate results. It is because of its reasonably large numbers that helped me remove a significant amount of the guesswork from leveling my vehicle. In turn, it allowed me to simplify the entire leveling process by telling me how many inches I need to adjust my vehicle.

The kit also comes with the Hopkins RV level instructions, which outlines the entire process properly. These guidelines even come with pictures to make the entire installation process easier than usual.

I also liked that the pack comes with two levels instead of one. The two models in the package are a C level and a 3 level. I can use these two devices to level my rig from the front and back, and side to side.

The only downside that I found with this travel trailer level indicator is the self-sticking adhesive that comes with the package. Each of the two levels comes with a strip of foam tape at their backs. It is thicker than I expected, making the devices at a higher risk of becoming off-center with some movement.

On the other hand, the level’s design comes with pre-drilled holes. So if I decide not to use the accompanying adhesives, I can install the device using screws instead.

What We Like
  • Provides accurate results, thanks to the fairly large numbers
  • The installation process is reasonably easy with the detailed instructions
  • Has two levels instead of one for front-and-back and side-to-side leveling
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
What We Don’t Like
  • Might need a better adhesive than the strip of foam tape
This RV leveler works like a charm. It provides accurate results from different orientations. Plus, it is easy to use and install.

3. Level Mate PRO LMPR01-Merchant Leveling

This large RV level took me by surprise, and not only because of its size. This RV electronic level is an RV smart level. It works with a dedicated app, so I did not have to crawl or kneel for a significant amount of time to adjust the level position of my rig.

The RV leveling app made the initial setup a breeze. The device connects with my smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. With this Bluetooth leveling system, it removed most of the guesswork involved in leveling my RV. Thanks to this tool, I can say goodbye to spending more than a few minutes adjusting my vehicle’s level.

Aside from the quick setup procedures, this Bluetooth RV leveler also has an on/off switch, allowing me to save battery life as much as possible. It also comes with a dynamic evaluation feature, providing fast-level details before I park my camper.

I am also happy to report that this leveling system works with relatively any RV leveling block. I used it with The Anderson drive-on leveling blocks, and this wireless RV leveler still gave me the results that I wanted.

Perhaps my only concern with this model is its price. It is fairly expensive, making it a difficult choice for RVers on a tight budget. But for customers who have the extra cash, this product’s ease of use is nothing short of amazing.
What We Like
  • Comes with a dedicated app for easy setup
  • Wireless technology provides leveling without crawling or kneeling
  • Existence of on/off switch to save battery life when needed
  • Dynamic evaluation feature
  • Works with any leveling block
What We Don’t Like
  • Might not be the first choice of RV owners with a tight budget
I recommend this product to rig owners that want to significantly simplify the RV leveling process. It is quite expensive, but the convenience-focused features more than justify the bump in costs.

4. Hopkins 08526 Two-Way Graduated Level

Many RV levels I came across over the years did not use top-tier materials, leading to short product lifespans. But this particular model from Hopkins shows me the proper ways to adjust the level status of my rig for a long time, thanks to its premium construction.

First, I would like to mention the liquid inside the case, which does not fade over time due to UV rays. I even tried leaving my motorhome outside for many weeks while this level was still in the area near the driver’s seat. After that period, the liquid still showed me the status of my rig’s level without any hitches.

Moreover, the double-sided tape that comes with the pack does its job well. The RV graduated level stays in place, even during drives. But I advise RVers that want to use this level to clean the surface of their vehicle before attaching this device. Otherwise, dust and dirt may prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.

On the other hand, the level’s design comes with pre-drilled holes. Therefore, if I do not want to use the adhesives, I can use the holes to align my drill accurately against the surface of my rig.

I would also like to mention that a friend of mine had the same levels and he used the accompanying adhesives. The difference between my experience and his scenario is that he travels in places with fairly hot climates. Although the liquid does not fade from long-term UV exposure, he reported that the adhesives lose their stickiness over time because of the heat.
What We Like
  • Premium construction promotes a fairly long product lifespan
  • The liquid does not fade over time from significant UV exposure
  • The included double-sided tape adheres to clean surfaces well
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation using drills
What We Don’t Like
  • The adhesive might lose its stickiness from significant heat
I recommend this product to RV owners camping in fairly mild to cold climates. This product has a premium build quality and has adhesives that stick onto clean surfaces well.

5. Sun Company 306-R Lev-o-gage II

It can be tough to buy a level that provides accurate results. But this pack of two RV levels can show precise results, regardless of orientation. I used one for side-to-side leveling and the other for front-to-back adjustments, and both units showed the results I needed.

Additionally, I purchased these levels a few months before I wrote this review. As of now, the neon yellow liquid still appears to be good as new. It does not fade, even when exposed to significant UV rays.

Moreover, the manufacturer seemed to have created this product with durability and longevity in mind. The case is shatterproof, and I have had a few instances when it fell during the initial installation because of my clumsiness. But I did not see any significant dents on the case or the tube. It only had a few minor scratches, which are not major causes of concern.

I also liked that these models come with inclinometers. With this feature, the devices allowed me to check both the level and tilt of my RV by a range of -10 to 10 degrees.

One shortcoming that I noticed is the size of these levels. With dimensions of 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches, they are smaller than average, which might make installation and reading challenging for large motorhomes. On the other hand, this compact construction ensures that the levels do not take up too much space.
What We Like
  • Provides accurate front-and-back and side-to-side scale readings
  • The liquid does not fade from long-term UV exposure
  • The shatterproof case is resistant to dents
  • Includes inclinometers to check tilts on rigs
What We Don’t Like
  • Small dimensions might make it tough to install and read on large RVs
Despite their small sizes, the two levels for motorhomes in this pack can make a huge difference in providing accurate leveling to RVs. Many rig owners will benefit from these tools greatly.

6. Winnsty RV T Level

This RV level joins the budget-friendly department. But I suggest that RVers do not dismiss this model because of its fairly inexpensive costs. Its reasonably low price comes with exceptional features that present superb value.

For instance, its T-shape design promotes more versatility than the conventional flat-level design. I was able to take advantage of this design choice in different ways. For instance, I was able to install it on different surfaces on my RV, including on areas located inside and outside the rig. It was also possible for me to install it on pool tables.

I also liked that the level has pre-drilled screw holes. It made mounting easy. Plus, screwing the level onto surfaces instead of using an adhesive gives me peace of mind. By using screws, the level stays in place, even during rough rides. In comparison, some adhesives tend to lose their stickiness over time.

On the other hand, I still wished that the package came with an adhesive. Some rig owners might prefer to use glue or tape instead of screwing holes into their motorhomes or travel trailers.

Also, both the shell and liquid case are shatterproof and waterproof. I purchased this model last year, and it still has roughly the same condition as compared to the day I bought it.
What We Like
  • A fairly low price point
  • T-shape designs promote excellent versatility
  • Has pre-drilled screw holes for easy mounting
  • A shatterproof and waterproof shell and liquid case
What We Don’t Like
  • Might need to include an adhesive in the package as an extra mounting option
I love that this RV leveling product provides top-notch features while staying in the budget-friendly department. I recommend this to buyers looking for a versatile yet fairly inexpensive leveling option for their rig.

7. RV Designer E401 Stick-On RV Level

This RV level is a ‘no nonsense’ leveling tool that offers accurate results without complicated instructions or usage. I liked this graduated level’s simplicity as I can stick it on appropriate surfaces and confidently leave it there when I am done with the adjustments.

The graduations and curved vial make this level stand out. Its elevation is indicated by the number of marks on the device. Adjusting my rig’s level showed precise, real-time results.

I decided to install this level using the adhesive, and it stuck onto surfaces reasonably well. Therefore, I did not have to use extra tape to ensure that the product adheres to my RV. This particular model can also be mounted on surfaces with or without using the self-sticking adhesive backing. If I decide to use screws, the product’s design comes with pre-drilled holes for that purpose.

I also like this model’s versatility in use. Aside from using it on my RV, I was also able to use it to level other objects, such as furniture, tripods, and trucks.

My only gripe with this level is that the liquid fades over time. I suggest users cover this level properly as long-term UV exposure can reduce or even eliminate the liquid’s color over time.
What We Like
  • Straightforward construction and design promotes ease of use
  • Adjustments provide precise and real-time results
  • Comes with self-sticking adhesive backing for convenient installations
  • Also has pre-drilled screw holes as an alternate installation method
  • Usable on other objects, such as furniture and trucks
What We Don’t Like
  • The liquid tends to fade from significant UV exposure
With its top-notch accuracy and versatility, this particular level is a must-have for many campers. Its straightforward construction and looks do not create complicated installation procedures, much to the convenience of its users.

8. TUFF TTL6719 RV Level

This RV level micro-unit should get the attention of many RVers upon seeing its size. With dimensions of 2.24 x 1.69 x 0.51 inches, it is one of the smallest T-levels for motorhomes and travel trailers on the market. With its size, I did not have any concerns about storage or proper placement.

Furthermore, the inconspicuous construction allowed me to install the product on different surfaces. Some examples include attaching it onto cameras, hitches, and trailer tongues.

Installation was also fairly easy to accomplish. The device comes with two pre-drilled holes to secure it onto compatible surfaces. On the other hand, I can use my choice of adhesive strip, such as double-sided tape, for the back.

However, the pack only comes with the T-level and nothing else. Therefore, I had to buy an adhesive and a couple of screws to test the mounting process. Thankfully, I only needed to do this extra effort once, but I would still prefer not to do the extra task from the beginning.

Additionally, I should mention that this level has top-notch durability. Despite its diminutive size, the construction is waterproof and shatterproof. Moreover, the markings are reasonably easy to read, even from afar. With the clear legends, I was able to rely on accurate and visible readings from the product.
What We Like
  • Small dimensions significantly reduce storage constraints
  • Versatile with different possible installations, such as on cameras and hitches
  • Easy to install with two mounting options: adhesive or screws
  • Waterproof and shatterproof construction
  • Markings are fairly visible from afar
What We Don’t Like
  • The package does not come with adhesive or screws
With its small size and optimal reliability, this T-level is a much-needed tool for many rig owners to adjust their vehicles without sacrificing a significant amount of space.

9. Wheel Masters 6700 Level Master RV Level

This Wheel Masters Level Master RV level tool is a versatile beast. Although marketed as a level for RVs, I was able to install it on large rigs, such as 5th wheels and Class A motorhomes. I even accomplished a fairly decent install procedure on a tow vehicle.

Still, with 11 x 2-3/4-inch dimensions, this graduated level for RVs is one of the larger ones on the market. Therefore, it might become a challenge for some users to put it in a fairly small compartment for storage. On the other hand, the large size allowed me to see the needed adjustments from my vehicle’s driver’s seat.

I continue to praise this level’s fairly large dimensions because this hefty design made the legends legible from afar. Adjusting the level of my rig was easier than I expected with this model because of the reasonably sizable markings.

As for the installation, it did not give me any significant issues. I was able to use the pre-drilled holes on the side to mount this device on a compatible bracket.

With that said, this particular unit is not mountable with adhesives. Some users might find this aspect concerning, considering they need to drill holes into their RVs to install this device properly.
What We Like
  • First-rate versatility with mounting options on different RVs and large campers
  • Large dimensions make it easy to see from afar, especially from the driver’s seat
  • Sizeable markings promote accurate leveling results
  • Easy to install with screws
What We Don’t Like
  • Large dimensions might not fit small compartments
  • Some users might not be keen on drilling holes on their RVs to install this unit
The dimensions and visibility of this specific level make it a winner in my book. RVers that are looking for a leveling tool that can be seen from afar should not miss out on this model.

10. i.Kiss YOTOM RV Bubble Levels

These bubble T-levels managed to stay within the budget-friendly realm, especially after considering that I got five pieces from one pack. Therefore, this product can be an appealing choice for rig owners on a tight budget.

Aside from its appealing price point, I liked the versatility of these levels. Aside from installing the T-levels on different areas of my RV, I was able to mount them on other locations. These places include cameras, tripods, appliances, campers, and trailer tongues.

Plus, each level in the pack has fairly compact dimensions of 1.63 x 2.26 x 0.54 inches. Despite the reasonably small size, it still allowed me to accomplish dual-direction leveling.

I also love that the individual levels have shatterproof and waterproof constructions. I was able to mount them on strategic areas around my RV and had little to no issues regarding each unit’s structural integrity.

One shortcoming I found is that some of the bubble levels react slowly. In other words, I had to tap the liquid’s container to ‘update’ the bubble during certain scenarios. I rarely come across this problem using other levels, but it is still a minor caveat at best.
What We Like
  • Economical pack of five bubble T-levels
  • Mountable on different surfaces, such as RVs, appliances, campers, and cameras
  • Reasonably compact dimensions while allowing dual-direction leveling
  • Shatterproof and waterproof constructions on all levels in the pack
What We Don’t Like
  • Some users might need to tap on the bubble containers to update the readings
Budget-conscious individuals that are looking for many reliable levels in one economical purchase need to consider this product as it’s a great option. Users will get five dependable levels in one pack, and each unit has first-rate durability for excellent longevity.

11. Prime Products 28-0114 Stick-On Level

If you have been in the RV community for quite some time, you might have heard of the Prime Products brand. This company generally has a good reputation for providing many rig owners and campers with top-notch products. This stick-on level is one of those items that are worth mentioning.

One of the things that I liked about this model is its overall simplicity. Some levels, such as electronic units, tend to have complicated instructions that might not be ideal for folks that get confused easily. However, with this level, I can stick it on a flat surface and read the adjustments quickly.

This straightforward design also shows during the installation process. This unit only has one mounting option, which is to peel off the adhesive backing. It did not even take more than a few seconds to mount it on compatible surfaces.

But this adhesive is also the main drawback of this model. I am pleased that the pack comes with tape behind the unit, but the bond is weak and becomes loose over time.

Additionally, this particular level comes at a reasonable price point. It can be a good choice for budget-conscious individuals. Plus, each pack comes with two levels.
What We Like
  • The simple design promotes ease of use
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Reasonably-priced option, ideal for tight budgets
  • Two levels in one pack
What We Don’t Like
  • Included adhesive tends to have a weak bond
This stick-on leveling solution is a fairly inexpensive choice for relatively tight budgets. Its straightforward design can also make it appealing for folks that do not want complicated installation instructions.

RV Levels Buying Guide


Purchasing an RV leveling system might seem like a difficult challenge, especially for beginners. But you can make the process easier than usual by considering some important factors before you finalize your buying decision.

Some of the essential elements to take note of are the following:

Types of RV Levels

Different RV levels exist, but you can put these variations into different types, including:

  • Carpenter’s Level: This fairly simple RV leveler tends to have a lengthy design. It is generally 2 to 8 feet in length and can have different orientations.
  • Cross-Check: Also called the T Level, this leveling device has two perpendicular vials that form a T-shape. These two vials help RV owners in checking front-to-back and side-to-side leveling.
  • Line Level: A reasonably lightweight RV leveling system that is usable while hung from a string.
  • Bullseye Level: Also called the circular or omnidirectional level, this variant has a closed dish form with a bubble in all directions.
  • Water Level: Unlike the standard carpenter’s level or the conventional bubble level, a water level does not rely on one bubble. Instead, it relies on the water in the container to be at the right level.


It is safe to say that many rig owners do not want to use flimsy RV leveling systems that break easily. However, two threats stand in the way of using an RV leveler: UV rays and shattering.

It is important to search for and use an RV leveling device that can withstand these dangers. An excellent choice is to use a level with an acrylic vial and ABS plastic housing. These materials help place the price of the product at a reasonable level while still providing above-average durability.

Degree Indication

Leveling your RV without indicators can make the process more difficult than intended. Therefore, use a model with an RV level indicator that tells you the number of degrees you need to adjust. That way, the right product can take away a significant amount of guesswork from the task.

Electronic vs. Traditional

Electronic levels are generally pricey options. But the bumps in price points tend to be justified because of the extra features. For example, you may find an electronic RV leveler that works with RV leveling apps.

On the other hand, conventional models, such as spirit bubble levels, tend to be the more inexpensive choices as compared to their electronic counterparts. But using these typical options might require beginners to do more guessing than usual.


Last, consider the price tag of the item that you want to buy. Some options do not cost an arm and a leg. But you may also find some models that can break banks. Take note of the other factors to check if the costs to purchase an RV level indicator gives you the most value from the money you will spend. Some RVers might also see the price as the determining factor for whether they will proceed with the purchase or not.



How Level Should an RV Be?

Use your preferred camper level and make sure that the device shows you centered measurements. If you are unsure of the readings, make sure that the margin of error is only 1 to 2 degrees from the plum. If you are using bubble levels without indicators, you should be fine with about half-a-bubble straying away from the center.

What Happens If You Don’t Level Your RV?

Many issues can come out if you do not level your RV. These problems can include:

  • Unwanted stress to the vehicle’s frame and structure
  • Increased risks of malfunctioning RV refrigerators
  • Misleading RV tank readings
  • Accidental opening and closing of RV slide outs
  • Reduced overall comfort

When Do You Need to Level Your RV?

You should level your RV from the moment you park the vehicle. Waiting to use a reliable leveling system later rather than sooner can increase the risks of different problems showing up fast.


By now, you should have a better idea than before in choosing the best RV levels on the market. Remember to base your choice on your needs and preferences. Follow our buying guide to understand your requirements in choosing the right level for your RV.

Of the products here, my favorite is the Level Mate PRO LMPR01-Merchant Wireless Leveling System. This wireless level promotes optimal convenience for many rig owners. For instance, I can check the level of my vehicle by simply looking at the accompanying app on my smartphone.

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