Tesla Referral Code - Six Months Free Unlimited Supercharging

Tesla Model X at Supercharger pulling Airstream Sport 22FB

Tesla Referral Code: leo591

Get 6 Months of Free Unlimited Supercharging on any new or inventory Tesla

Use this link to configure your Model S, Model X or Model today (http://ts.la/leo591) or if you order an inventory vehicle, let your delivery specialist or owner advisor that you are a referral and to use code "leo591" and they will give you six months of Free Unlimited Supercharging!

How Do I Claim My Tesla Referral Code Credit?

There are several ways you can activate your referral code:

Save with Leo's Referral

Towing with a Model X

My setup:

Here are some great resources about the Model X and it's towing capability:

The Tesla towing pioneers:

(Last modified on November 12, 2018)